Fantasy Mission Force Slots

Released in the 1980s, Fantasy Mission Force was an action-comedy flick with brief appearances by Jackie Chan. The WWII comical martial arts film is now finding its way into a progressive jackpot video slot game that is designed to thrill.

This is a five-reel bonus slot with 20 lines. Bet a few cents per line or increase it to a dollar for the maximum $20 wager. What is important is that you activate all pay lines. It's the best way to get a winning combination on a regular basis.

There's a Top Prize of 50,000 Coins

Do you know anything about the movie? Lt. Wen is hired to rescue a team of generals who are being held captive in Luxembourg. He gathers a unique troop to help him. From the bazooka-toting Lily to an Elvis wannabe, it's up to this bunch to save the day. Clips from the movie find their way into the slot game when you get the right winning combination.

Fantasy Mission Force slots has a top prize of 50,000 coins. The symbols in this bonus slot include key characters in the movie, such as Lt. Wen, and the weapons they use in their mission. There are bullets, grenades, guns, and more. The Elvis character and sticks of dynamite have a special function.

Dynamite Free Spins

When you get dynamite and Elvis symbols together, you win free spins. The free spins come with a 3x multiplier. Even better is the rule that additional scatters will add to the number of free spins you have.

Are you ready for your mission? Play Fantasy Mission Force slots today and aim for the 50,000 prize and the free spins. Find it in leading online casinos.