Blood Eternal Slots

Blood Eternal Slots

Blood Eternal slots is a 3D game with winnings that reach as high as 965,620 coins. There are six reels and winning combinations form from both left to right and right to left. This makes it very easy to win. The game is available for both online and mobile play via HTML4, Android, iOS, or WinPhone. If you love True Blood and all things vampire, you'll love this game.

Six Reels Packed With Vampire-Themed Symbols

Reels in Blood Eternal slots are filled with crosses, vials filled with blood, potion bottles, vampires, humans, and poker symbols. You can bet multiple credits on this game and select your preferred coin value. Win hundreds of thousands of coins in the regular game and thanks to bonus features.

Double Up With the Gamble Option

Click “Double Up” after a win and then predict if the coin flip will lead to heads or tails. If you're correct, you double your winnings. It's an easy way to win extra cash.

Two Fun Bonus Features

Vampire free spins occur when a vampire and a human appear side by side on the reels. During the free spins, the pair joins into one big wild that freezes in place for the free spins. Blood splatters turn into additional wilds. This all helps form larger payouts. The 3D slot has single and double bat symbols. Double bats count as two single bats in one space. As a result, you can get up to 12 single bat symbols on an active pay line and win 50,000 coins. Blood Eternal slots is going to be a fascinating game with stunning prize levels. Don't miss this 3D game where all ways pay and six reels amp up the chances of forming a winning combination.