Get Bitten and Win More in Blood Eternal Slots

Treat yourself to a vampire-themed game where you can win more than 900,000 coins. You have six reels, which greatly increases your winning potential. Coin values start at two cents and go up to $1 in Blood Eternal Slots . Bet up to five credits on as many of the 30 pay lines as you wish to activate.

Now that your bet is made, start spinning the creepy reels. One goal here is to get vampires and humans to end up side by side on the reels. When that happens, you win free spins as one of the many perks found in this video slot. With vampires and humans combined, you win eight free spins with the newly formed union frozen in place as a wild. As the free spins progress, the vampire union may expand up to four times and give you additional wilds, up to eight in all.

Bats also serve up a bonus in Blood Eternal. Bats are incredibly rewarding, especially the double bats that count as two bats. Fill a line with a selection of bats and get higher payouts. If your pay line has four double bats and one single bat, it counts as nine bats. For that, you win 4,000 coins. You can win up to 50,000 coins with the double bat bonus feature.

With the cross, night scene, and wild symbol paying as much as 2,000, 2,500, or 3,750 coins, you can profit well without any bonus features coming into play. There's also the double up feature if you want to try to double your last payout with a flip of a coin.

Head to your favorite participating casino today to try out this wicked vampire slot. It's easy to win and so much fun to play. Spin the reels and hope you get bitten in Blood Eternal slots.