Silk Caravan Slots

Silk Caravan slots makes winning a breeze thanks to the 50 paylines, generous betting levels, and great prizes. Before you play, pick your bet. You can get a penny to one dollar per payline, so a maximum possible bet is $50. The game also has a speed meter so you can speed up the reels or slow them down, depending on your preferences. Silk Caravan is set in the desert with a sultan and princess who really want to honor you with money. The animated symbols that include the camels as they wander the desert catch the eye.

Symbols in Silk Caravan Slots

The bottom of the paytable includes jeweled poker symbols (9 to A), and you must get at least three matches on an active payline. These are worth the least, but they're still pretty impressive with payouts ranging from 5 to 300 coins. Sacks and knives also need three matches to win a prize of 10 to 500 coins.

The remaining symbols need only two matches on a payline in order to deliver a prize. The Oasis, Sultan, and Princess range in value from 2 coins to the generous 5,000 coin prize. With a multiplier during free rounds, you stand to win a fortune. The caravan isn't worth as much at up to 100x your bet.

The Jewels are the best symbol in this game. The jewel is a wild worth up to 8,000 coins.

Silk Caravan Slots Bonus Feature

Some symbols have a border around them that says “Silk Caravan.” If you get five of these bordered symbols across the reels, you win free spins and other special features. The first three symbols reveal the number of free spins you've earned. The symbol on the fourth reel reveals the multiplier during these free rounds. Finally, the fifth reveals a special wild card that's added to the reels during the free spin rounds. This feature can be retriggered during the free rounds.

Silk Caravan's Progressive Jackpots

Unlike games that have just one jackpot offering, Silk Caravan slots offers three progressive jackpots. All three are awarded randomly at the end of your spin, so it's hard to predict if or when you'll win. The prizes start in the double digits with the mini jackpot and climb well into the hundreds and thousands with the minor and major jackpots.

Where to Find Silk Caravan Slots

Play Silk Caravan slots at NuWorks' best paying casinos. Be sure to check for promotions and tournaments that can help you earn extra cash before and while you play this grab cash slots game. If you can't find a suitable NuWorks casino, you'll find other great games at DrakeCasino, casino, and Miami Club Casino.