Slots games on Social Networks

Social networking is coming to dominate all of the internet, whether it is shopping, business connection, or, what it was really intended for, keeping connected with friends. Though there are millions of specialty sites in the internet world, they all connect via social networks. Moreover, many social networking sites have gaming portals where games, played solely for the amusement of the players, are available in every variety, including classic slot games.

At this time the slot and other gambling games provided directly on social networking sites are not played for money, but they do offer some excellent games where players can spin the reels for fun! Check out some of these wild games available on social networks.


Facebook is the 800 lb. gorilla of social networking sites, offering every type of amusement imaginable. Facebook offers a huge collection of slot game applications that will appeal to every user. Here are a few of the top offerings:

  • Lucky Slots
  • DoubleDown Casino
  • 3D Slots
  • Slots
  • Mirrorball Slots
  • DiLiGO Slots
  • SlotsFarm

Facebook offers many more than these, but these are the ones that have the highest visitor ratings at this time. The controls on the games at these casinos are familiar to anyone who has used online slot games. In lieu of money, players game with chits provided by the casino-a limited number of credits are provided as play money every day. If the player wants more, they can purchase them through Facebook with a credit card, but these are just for play, and they cannot be cashed in. If you don't get enough free play, you are probably better off setting up an account at a real online casino and playing the penny slots there-they will cost you no more, and you might win some money back there.


Google's social network, Google+, has made some headway in the social networking market. While Google+ offers a number of features that users like, it is, in most ways, very much like its chief competitor, Facebook. Users will find many of the same games on Google+ that they find on Facebook because many of the game developers have contracts with both companies. There are some slot game collections available only on Google+ at this time, and here are a few of them:

  • Slotomania
  • Sloterix
  • Super Free Slot Games
  • 555 Casino Free Slot Machines Games

The Future

Though social network based slot games are in "Play for Fun" mode right now, we can see no reason that they should not move to a real gambling format in the foreseeable future. They are great games, often well developed and wonderful to use and to look at. They will have to install the infrastructure for legal reporting and tracking of where players are, but once that is done, they have great and easy access to millions of players.