Zynga Chops 11 Games in Cost Cuts

The social gaming giant Zynga, after experiencing a pretty bad 2012 has decided to rid itself of a few of the games that made its name. Shares in the company have fallen sharply over recent months and so big titles such as Mafia Wars 2, PetVille and Indiana Jones are going as part of the eleven games that will be dropped. In late 2012 Zynga also announced job losses of around 5% of its total workforce and the closure of its office in Japan. However, it's not all bad news as this is part of what Zynga said that it was always going to do in early 2013 and that is to focus its efforts in the real money arena. With the US market now opening up and the inevitable regulation and legislation that will follow this is the perfect time for the company to make in roads in what is sure to be a large market. It will no doubt keep key members of staff and many of the design team that have ensured games released by Zynga are of the highest quality. Earlier in the year Zynga began the process of loosening its ties with Facebook which has provided a starting point for Zynga to start to market its very own platform. To many the culling of so many games comes as no real surprise as Zynga have often made public statements about its intentions of entering the real money market, and this is nothing but a step in that direction.