Two Special Slots Available at Bovada

Did you know there is an impressive array of slots available when you visit Bovada Casino? Once you get into the casino itself and select the slots option, you will see a drop-down arrow next to the term 'all slots'. Click on that and a list of slot options will appear.

Towards the bottom of the list an option for special slots will come up. Let's see what you can look forward to at the moment when you select that option.

Back in Time

Back in TimeThis is the first of two special slots currently available at Bovada Casino. The game screen might surprise you as there are three reels and three lines here. That's probably why it's included in the special section. The paytable will reveal how the game is played and what each symbol could be worth.

It's a pretty basic game when compared to those that have more reels and multiple paylines. However, for newcomers and those who simply want to play something a little different, Back in Time and its cute dinosaur could be all that's needed.

Chase the Cheese

Doesn't that title make you want to find out more? Like the game we mentioned above, Chase the Cheese game looks different to others you might be familiar with. You'll see four reels in action for starters. There are several lines too that run in various directions, not to mention several special symbols.

Watch out for the Chase the Cheese logo. Four of these triggers a bonus round. There is a progressive jackpot available too. You stand a chance of winning if you make the maximum bet on the reels and get four jackpot symbols coming up.

Why try a special slot game?

We're all used to playing games that have five reels and high numbers of paylines. But sometimes it's good to change things up a bit. That's why these two special games are well worth a look when you visit Bovada. They're easy to find, as we've seen, and you can try them out in practice mode before wagering some money on them as well.

There's really no other reason to delay, is there? So whether you are a member yet or not, take a fresh look at the Bovada Casino today. When you do, you might be surprised at how good these special games are when you are looking for a new slot to play.