Are You Ready for Another New Slot Game Kickoff?

Do you love online slots? Check. Do you love football? Check. Then take a look at the Kickoff slot fresh from Specialty Games - a slot that manages to combine both of these things in fine fashion. This isn't strictly a slot though - instead, you get three footballers ready to kick footballs right at you. It sounds horrible but in actual fact you have to try and get three identical balls to win a prize.

Check out the paytable on the left of the screen before you start. You can adjust your bet easily before you click the spin button (or in this case the kick button). If you get a win, you can gamble it on a second screen to try and double up by guessing the next suit color. But we think you should steer clear of that and bag your prizes whenever they come up. Launch Kickoff now and see if you can get some big wins.