“Reel Poker” - A Slot For Real Poker Aficionados

Most online casino's today have an entire section dedicated to poker, but then there's Reel Poker , a new video slot that combines the essence of slot play with the love affair of classic poker. Reel Poker comes with 5 reels along with 100 different ways to win. Its also important to note that winning combinations do not have to be from the left of the reel to the right to score a win.

Each reel contains the standard deck of 52 cards. While traditional slot games require landing at least three scatter symbols to trigger the free spins round, in "Reel Poker," the free spins round is triggered at complete random. In the free spins round, players are given 15 cards that are face down. You must choose until you match up a pair, and then the number of free spins will be determined.

"Reel Poker" also comes with three progressive jackpots. The top jackpot of $2,467, can only be won by landing a royal flush in sequence, regardless of the direction. The minor jackpot can be won at complete random. Instead of playing your favorite video poker title or other poker title, give "Reel Poker" a try. With 100 different ways to win, you're bound to score the winning hand.