A High Noon Showdown in Dodge City Slots

Both cowboy and Wild West-themed slot titles are a staple of the casino industry and while some think they are tired and overused, developer Arrow's Edge has found a way to revive the theme in Dodge City Slots. Players are invited to join with Wyatt to run the bad guys out of town with the possibility of walking away with a large amount of cash for their troubles. This 5-reel game may seem sparse to some with only ten paylines but there is more than enough excitement to keep bettors spinning the reels. Arrow's Edge recently garnered a bit of attention with World Leaders Slots as the theme and play were both innovative and fresh. Yakuza Slots and Dragon's Cave are another two of the developer's most recent creations and have been a big hit on casinos that offer games from the quickly emerging developer. Players would be wise to not be put off by what can seem like a lack of attention to graphics; Arrow's Edge has fully turned its attention to the playability of the games and is focusing on innovative bonus features and interesting themes.

A Fun Bonus and a Generous Scatter

Dodge City Slots is a great fit with the other recently created titles by Arrow's Edge; Dragon's Cave and World Leaders both feature innovative gameplay with well-rendered but unflashy graphics. Dodge City includes a scatter that awards 15 free games initially and can be retriggered for more free spins and a 3X multiplier. The bonus game consists of players teaming with Wyatt in a high noon showdown against the bad guys who have ridden into town. This slot is also connected to two progressive jackpots that can be worth up to $5,000 and $45,000, respectively, giving this title some big win potential. Dodge City is being released as a mobile option so that those who prefer to play their games on their devices will not be left out on the fun. Gamblers playing Dodge City Slots can get the satisfaction of dealing with the bad guys and possibly walking away from the showdown with a big wad of cash for their efforts.