Ten Times Wins is Here and It’s Huge

Ten Times Wins (10x Wins) is a three-reel slot that dishes up 10 times the payouts. As a follow-up to 5x Times Wins slots, this classic slot game with 7’s, cherries, and bars. The real enjoyment in this slot game comes from the 10x wild symbol. Get that and win 10 times the amount. This leads to huge prizes in a matter of seconds.

Bets in Ten Times Wins start at a penny and go to $5. You pick whether you want to bet one, two, or three coins. This is where you want to go for the max of three coins, as it’s the key to the biggest payouts. The bottom of the paytable starts with a mixture of single, double, and triple bars, but get all three 10x symbols on one of the three pay lines and win the top prize. You don’t want to miss this very rewarding game.