Slot Sequels

Is there anything better than a successful and entertaining online slot game? Well… we think there is one thing better, and that's a sequel to that same game.

We know what you're thinking - there's that law of diminishing returns, right? Whenever you get a great movie or book and it gets a sequel, it's never as good as the original. Well, we have some slot games that might just change your mind. Maybe the slots are easier to replicate in a successful manner than those movies and novels.

The Cash Bandits sequels

There are three titles in the Cash Bandits series of games from Realtime Gaming (RTG). We've put this example first as it is superb - a series where each title is progressively better than the last.

You'd expect the graphics to improve each time and they have. But if you played the original game, you'll know it included a superb Vault Bonus feature. This saw you breaking into a vault room to try and crack the safes sitting inside it. The better your efforts, the more free games you won and the bigger the multipliers for said games.

The sequels built on that, offering the chance of more games and even bigger multipliers in each case. Since players loved the original so much, it stands to reason that bigger rewards - or at least the chance of getting them - would be better in these games too.

Da Vinci Diamonds and its Masterworks sequel

Another great example of building on what you got right first time. The original game boasted five reels of symbols standing four high on each reel. You also got 30 lines to play on. Leonardo da Vinci may not seem like the most inspired of themes, but his artworks have proven a superb source of inspiration in the original and its sequel.

They introduced Tumbling Reels for the sequel, along with a chance to get huge portraits on the reels measuring 2 x 2 in size rather than the usual 1 x 1 and therefore covering four spots. Scatters bring you the Masterworks Gallery Picker too, where free spins are enhanced with other features.

Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive 2

The title didn't change much here, but this is another example of how a successful slot sometimes gives away even more in the sequel. Among the highlights are three versions of a free spin feature. You may find yourself amid a Train Heist or inside the Old Saloon. And then there is the High Noon feature.

Since there were 10 years between the two releases, it's great to see the improved graphics for the sequel. They are far sharper than the original, although that one stands up well for its time too.

Watch out for any slot sequels you can find

Most slot sequels do carry the number 2 after the title. The alternative is to see the main title followed by a subtitle, as we see in the Age of the Gods series of slots.

For example, the original used the title Age of the Gods, but the sequels include Age of the Gods: King of Olympus and Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters. Once you get the hang of how this works, you'll realize there are plenty more sequels out there to find.