Online Slots Guide for Real Money at Slots LV

Online slots are popular for a very good reason. In April 2021, the largest online jackpot ever won went to a player from Belgium. That player won close to $23.7 million playing Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad. Just think, it could be you on the slot game winners' list! Can you imagine what you'd do with that much money? A few seconds playing online slot games for real money is all it takes to change your life completely.

Sure, you may not win more than a few dollars or a few hundred here and there, but what if it was more? What if you won a massive jackpot? There's only one way to find out, and that's by finding the best place to play for real money. That's where Slots.LV Casino comes in. When it comes to casino games, casino promotions, and rewards, this casino has it all.

Understanding the Basics of Playing Slots for Real Money

What is the appeal of online slots? They're so easy to play, but it's also up to you to decide how much you want to risk. Many games let you play for as little as a penny per line. That brings us to the basics.

#1 – Paylines and Reels

Every slot game has reels and paylines. But, the reels vary, and the game might have 3, 4, 5, 6, or more reels. A classic 3 reel slot may have a single payline across the middle of those three reels. Some go above and beyond with paylines across the top, center, and bottom spaces on the reels. Paylines can run diagonally from one corner to the other.

With more reels, the number of possible paylines increases. You can have hundreds or thousands of ways to win, depending on the game. Regardless of the number of reels, the game information will show you the paylines and how they're formed.

Some games allow you to choose how many paylines you want to bet on. Others use fixed bets, and you automatically wager on all of the possible paylines. To win a prize, you need matching symbols on these paylines.

#2 – Betting/Wagering Limits

Now that you have a better understanding of how paylines and reels work, betting limits are now. When you're wagering on a slot game, you may need to decide on your coin value. These vary from one game to the next. Many games start coin values at a penny or two and go up to $5, $10, or $20.

How do coin values factor into your wager? If you're playing a 5 reel bonus slot with 50 paylines, you're betting one coin on each payline. If you have to bet on all 50 paylines, your wager will be the coin value times the paylines. A penny wager would cost 50 cents per spin in a 50 payline video slot. The max bet is the highest possible coin value wagered on all paylines. If the max coin value is $10, a 50 payline game would cost $10 x 50 or $500 per spin.

Due to these betting limits, you'll find it's so easy to come up with a wagering strategy that fits your budget and allows you to maximize your time. If you've deposited $50, you want to stretch that money to last a while. You could win that jackpot the first time you spin the reels, but it could take longer. As progressive jackpots are awarded randomly, the only way to win is by playing as often as you can.

#3 – Paytables

With your bet in place, how much will you win? It all comes down to the symbols and prizes. Paytables contain a grid of symbols with the awards they pay. It has the breakdown of the paylines and how they're formed. Finally, it has the rules for winning jackpots or activating the bonus features. In a few paytables, you may find additional information like the slot game RTP and the highest possible payout per spin or payline.

If the game has poker symbols like the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, they are typically the lower-paying symbols. Expect to win back part or all of your bet with these symbols. Higher paying symbols and the game's wild come next. The value listed on the paytable is times the coin value you selected.

Some video slots have a scatter symbol. This symbol usually triggers the bonus round. When you get enough of them to win a payout, the prize is almost always multiplied by your total bet. The value of the wilds and the scatters can make a difference in how much you win.

Imagine you're playing a 25 payline slot game and have a coin value of 50 cents, which puts your total bet on all 25 paylines at $12.50 per spin. The payout for five wild symbols is 2,000 coins, and the payout for five scatters is 100x. How much can you win? You'd win 2,000 times 50 cents with the wilds, which is $1,000. But, you'd win 100 times $12.50 (total bet) with the scatters for a total prize of $1,250, so the scatters can be more valuable.

#4 – Bonus Rounds

Sometimes wild symbols trigger the bonus round in an online slot, but it's usually the scatter symbol. If there's a bonus round, you'll win free spins or a chance at a pick 'em bonus game. In these games, you win even more cash. Sometimes, the progressive jackpots are only awarded from the bonus round.

Take 777 Deluxe slots. Three neon purple bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. It's the bonus game that opens up the chance of winning the progressive jackpot. In the bonus round, you play on a 3 reel slot game, and three gold 7s on the payline award the jackpot. Progressive jackpots often lead to the big prizes you're dreaming of winning.

Choosing Slots at Slots.LV Casino

How do you find the best slots to play? It's so easy to look up the variety of slots at the casino. Start by clicking on "Slots." You can narrow down your options from there by looking at new slots or popular slots. If you want to go through the entire library of games, browse through them. They're in alphabetical order.

Progressives offer the most significant potential payouts, and there are dozens of options here. We already talked bout the popular 5 reel progressive jackpot slot called 777 Deluxe. That slot incorporates fruits and classic slot symbols.

Gold Rush Gus slots is a bit different. Gus sits at the top of a mine shaft ready to dig up gems. He'll hit the ground to reveal what's in the mine. Two key symbols award a treasure chest bonus. You'll open that chest to get gems that can award jackpot prizes when you have enough of them, a trip to the treasure map bonus round, or an instant cash prize. A free spins bonus and a random respin bonus are also possible.

Sometimes, the best slots mix bonus rounds, free spins, and progressive jackpots. That's what you'll find in Reels and Wheels XL. The free spins scatter symbol gives you 12 free spins with a multiplier of up to 10x attached to each free spin. The Bonus Wheel bonus round allows you to win up to 500x or a trip to the Jackpot Wheel. If you make it to the Jackpot Wheel, you can win one of five progressive jackpots.

Improving Your Winning Chances

Now that you know a little more about how slot games work and how to know how much you'll win, how do you choose? The slot game "return to player" (RTP) can help. However, it's not a certainty as it is the percentage of money, over a period, that's awarded to those who play it.

The key here is the period of time. If the slot game's RTP is 97%, it means 97% of the money the game takes in with wagers is awarded over time. That time could be several months or a year. It doesn't mean you have a 97% chance of winning each time you spin the reels. That said, higher game RTPs do tend to pay out smaller prizes more often. If you're okay with smaller prizes, pay close attention to the RTP of the slot games that interest you.

Look for slot games with free spins bonus rounds. It's not hard to win some free spins. When you do, you don't have to pay a penny for those free rounds, so any money you win is free.

Some games require you to play all paylines or place a max bet if you want to win the progressive jackpot. It always pays to read the rules before you play for real money. You don't want to play for 10 minutes and suddenly realize you weren't meeting the requirements for the jackpot.

A small wager may seem safest, but you also don't always win as much. To get the highest payouts on a 3 reel slot game, you often need to wager all three credits to activate the bonus features, jackpots, and highest prizes. This is another reason why it's essential to read the rules.

Get Free Money By Referring Friends

Finally, before you play online slots at Slots.LV, refer friends to the casino. The Refer & Earn bonus gives you 100% of your friends' deposits. If you refer 10 friends, and each friend joins the casino and deposits $30, you get $300 for referring all 10 of them. If any of your friends deposit with Bitcoin, you get an extra $25 free chip for each Bitcoin deposit. You could end up with hundreds in free cash to use playing slots for real money.

No matter what you prefer when it comes to online slot games, Slots.LV offers an excellent mix of slot themes, game RTPs, and types of slots. Play for fun using demo play to try them out. As you find your favorites, remember the tips for improving your winning chances when you play for real money.