Beach Slots

Ah remember the summer? The way the sun warmed the entire beach before you and of course, the waves. What's not to love about a nice day at the beach? The sand gets warm, the sun stays hot, and the water stays cool. A perfect combination. But as beach weather departs, where else can you find these pleasantries? Beach slots of course! The video slot Beach is an intuitive coastal adventure that brings the good vibes to your computer screen! The entire game is functioned around the sweet waves of the beach, as each spin ushers in a new wet animation that floats the designated icons before you. Of course, the symbols that you will find floating by will keep you at ease as crabs, sea shells, and other beach icons spin with the tussle of the waves. Within its summer delight interface, you will find the wager options, selection of pay lines and of course, the spin button (all of which discretely fit within the theme of the game). While at the Beach you will find a great format of 3 reels and 20 pay lines to keep the treasure coming!

The Wild Octopus

While wild symbols are staples in almost every slot game across the board, Beach slots has taken a new approach to this alluring symbol by amplifying its abilities. The goofy wild octopus can swap out two symbols on a spin instead of one like a normal wild. This in itself makes the chances for winning extremely high and each and every spin brings you closer to spotting the lovely guy floating in the waves!

Find the Treasure Buried in the Beach

Sure you've seen those goofy old guys with the metal detectors at the beach scouring the sands for little traces of metal. Some find real worthwhile artifacts, while some find nothing at all. However, at this Beach you may very well stumble upon some buried treasure like a max 40,000 coin jackpot! The Beach also offers players a variety of coin values to choose from per spin: $.01, $.02, $.05, $.10, $.20, $.50, and for those high rollers out there: $1.00. 40,000 coin jackpot with up to $1 coin value? Can you say vacation here I come?

The Beach from your Living room

While the summer may be gone and beach season is closing down with the oncoming cold weather, the Beach slots offers a fantastic assortment of game play features and smooth game play that will have your mouthwatering for those hot- sunny days. This slot is one for the books with its cute cartoon graphics and wonderful animations, don't miss out on this sandy treasure.