What Is The Most Money Ever Won On A Slot Machine?

Everyone wonders how big some jackpot wins are. If you've wondered what is the most money ever won on a slot machine, you're in good company. We wondered the same thing and did some digging to see what we could find out.

Megabucks Slots Often Leads to the Biggest Slot Machine Wins

Megabucks slots is a progressive jackpot slot from IGT. It's linked to many of the biggest payouts on slot machines. Since it's debut in 1986, it's paid out more than $1 billion dollars in prizes.

#1 – 25-Year-Old Software Engineer Wins $38.7 Million

While killing time before the 2003 NCAA tournament started on TV, an anonymous 25-year-old software engineer decided to risk $3 on a slot machine at Excalibur Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. That $3 turned into a stunning $38.7 million jackpot on Megabucks slots.

#2 – Cynthia Jay-Brennan Wins $34.9 Million

In 2000, Cynthia Jay-Brennan won $34.9 million playing Megabucks slots at the former Desert Inn in Las Vegas. Sadly, weeks after claiming her jackpot prize, a drunk driver crashed into the car she was in. She was paralyzed and her sister did not survive the crash.

#3 – An Anonymous Woman's $27 Million Win

At Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas, one woman played Wheel of Fortune slots and won $680,000. She opted to keep playing, In just a few months, she hit a $27 million jackpot on Megabucks slots.

#4 – Woman Wins $22.6 Million at Bally's

There is a pattern with Megabucks slots leading to some of the biggest slot machine wins in history. In 2002, a woman playing at Bally's Las Vegas won $22.6 million on that same game.

#5 – Elmer Sherwin's $21 Million Win

Elmer Sherwin fought in WWII and often played slots in Las Vegas after retirement. Shortly after The Mirage opened its doors for the very first time, Sherwin won $4.6 million playing Megabucks slots. His luck repeated itself in grand fashion when he won $21 million just shy of two decades later at the age of 87. Once again, he was playing Megabucks slots.

#6 – Anonymous Player Wins Just Under $12.8 Million

Megabucks slots paid a prize of just under $12.8 on a $6 bet. The player was at Aria in Las Vegas for her niece's birthday when she hit the jackpot. She said she'd chosen Megabucks slots completely by chance.

#7 – Rodolfo T. Wins $11.8 Million

Betting just $3 on Megabucks slots, Rodolfo T. of California won the jackpot worth just over $11.8 million. That 2017 win at the Fremont Casino isn't one of the biggest from Megabucks slots, but it still made him a very happy man.

Are Any Other Slot Machines Linked to Huge Payouts?

While Megabucks slots certainly is linked to many of the largest slot prizes in history, there are some games that have also made players very happy.

At Harrah's Las Vegas, a man won $1.18 million playing Wheel of Fortune slots in July 2018. This was the second large payout from that machine. Earlier in the month, a player won almost $250,000 on Wheel of Fortune at the Cosmopolitan.

A Gulf Breeze, Florida, man took home a jackpot of almost $1.3 million playing Double Diamond slots in Biloxi, Mississippi. He kept playing and won an extra $14,000 a little while later. That's not the largest win in the area. Hard Rock Casino reported that the largest prized they'd given away was $14 million to a player playing Wheel of Fortune slots.

There's One More Crushing Win

In 2016, Katrina Bookman was playing Sphinx slots in New York when the machine told her she'd won a $42.9 million jackpot. It would have been the largest prize in history. The problem is the top prize on the slot machine is $6,500. She was told the machine had malfunctioned and that the most the casino could do is give her the last prize she'd won of just over $2 and a complimentary steak dinner. She is suing the casino and IGT.

There's one thing all of these players have in common. They never expected they'd win the jackpot when they placed their small bets. You could join them. Whether you try Megabucks slots or something else, Lady Luck could put you on the list of the biggest slot machine wins in history. To accomplish this, you need to play slots online or at your favorite land-based casino.