Liberty Slots Player Hits the Jackpot Twice in a Day

One U.S. casino player from Arkansas had an amazing day recently. After joining Liberty Slots Casino about three years ago, Cindy M. has continued to spend time playing games when the mood strikes her. In the wee hours, she made a meager $25 deposit and started playing 7x Lucky Sevens slots. After playing for a short time, making 75-cent wagers, she was shocked to hit the jackpot worth more than $22,000. She went to sleep thinking how amazing the holidays would be. The next afternoon, she decided to play for a little bit again. This time, she opted to place bets of $1.50 on Ultimate 10x slots. She was stunned when she hit the jackpot again and won more than $16,400. With those winnings, she plans to pay off bills, make some home improvements, and have a wonderful holiday season.

About 7x Lucky Sevens Slots

Wild X slots are a series of games where at least one symbol is a wild that has a multiplier attached. In 7x Lucky 7s Slots, the 7x wild increases your prizes by 7 if there is one on the winning payline or 49x if there are two of them. There's also a progressive jackpot that's always awarded by $25,000. The closer it is to that amount, the better the odds that a winner will be chosen soon. That jackpot winner could be you.

About Ultimate 10x Slots

Ultimate 10x Wild Slots is another Wild X slot game. This progressive jackpot game has one payline and lots of 3x and 10x wild symbols. With the 3x wilds, your winnings are multiplied by 3x if there's one on the line or 9x if there are two. The 10x wilds work the same way. One pays 10 times, two pay 100 times, and a combination of a 3x and 10x pays 30 times. The jackpot is set to pay out before it exceeds $25,000. The closer it is to that $25,000 mark, the higher the odds that it will trigger and make someone's day.

Liberty Slots Casino Welcomes USA Players

If you're from the USA, you're welcome to join the casino. When you sign up, claim your $777 welcome bonus. If you're already a member, there are additional bonuses throughout the week that reward you with bonus cash. Be sure to check the current promotions when you log in. Be sure to check the Give Me Liberty promotion where you could get Liberty Slots Casino no deposit bonuses each month for a full year. What a great way to play without risk! Try these slots and see if you'll be one of the next jackpot winners. If it happened to Cindy, it can certainly happen to you.