Liberty Slots Casino Player Scores Amazing Anniversary Surprise

Everyone has the occasional lucky day but earlier this month a player at Liberty Slots Casino gave the word "luck" a new definition. A player, known only as "Karen", had an extraordinarily bit of luck when she not only hit once for a large prize but four times in one gaming session. The four big wins are newsworthy enough in their own right, but the story became larger when it was revealed that the player had done it on her third anniversary of joining the site. The player herself was surprised at learning of the anniversary; while she admitted that she knew she had been playing at the site for quite some time, she did not realize that it had been three years. Not only was the player excited about the wins, the people at Liberty Slots Casino were as well.

How the Lucky Night Unfolded for Liberty Slots Player

Karen was spending the evening enjoying some of her usual slot games and video poker when, while playing Fat Cat slots, she found herself in a bonus game that netted her a win of $10,000. Continuing her play at Fat Cat, Karen soon repeated the feat and again won $10,000. Karen, hoping her lucky streak wasn't restricted to the one game, began to play Lucky Lady, another of her favorites. Less than two minutes after changing games, Karen hit another bonus game and realized that she was up another $16,000. At this point the player realized that something special was happening and increased her bet per spin from $150 to $175. Shortly after increasing the per spin bet, Karen again found herself playing yet another bonus game; this time she left the bonus game with an additional $41,000. Karen said that she may owe her neighbors an apology for all the screaming that emanated from her house during her lucky winning streak.

The Reaction of Liberty Slots Casino

The player wasn't the only one excited by her multiple wins; the casino personnel were as well. After Karen's multiple wins she was contacted by Mark Ramirez, a manager at Liberty Slots Casino, who was almost as excited as Karen herself. Ramirez said, "We're thrilled when players have such a good day -- and for it to happen on her anniversary with us, on a game called Lucky Lady, what a great story!" Lucky Lady is a slot created by Wager Gaming Technology that has a World War II theme that allows for one spin bets of a penny up to $250 and a bonus game that players can win up to 100X the original bet. The game now is certainly one of Karen's favorites and one that she will be returning to in the future.

A Great Story for All Those Involved

Stories like this one are proof that players have the potential to score big paydays at online casinos while playing slot games; Karen's total win of $80,000 gave new meaning to a good night. Casinos enjoy these lucky wins knowing that they may have improved somebody's life or even just knowing that they have another happy member of their gaming community. Feel-good events like what happened to Karen make everyone in the online gaming community feel positive about their business or their hobby.