Huge 3.1 Million Euro Won on Mega Fortune Progressive Slot

Mega Fortune progressive slots is well known as one of the highest paying slots on the planet and it regularly bestows huge slots wins on those who spin its 5 glorious reels. Mega Fortune slots does in fact hold the world record for paying out the largest ever online progressive slots win, a massive progressive jackpot that shook the online casino world when a staggering 17.9 Million Euro was paid out. While the win we have news of here isn't quite that big, it's still a whopper and on Friday the 13th of March it paid out a mind boggling 3.1 Million Euro jackpot.

The Norwegian slots player who has decided to keep his identity a secret scooped the jackpot on what is supposed to be an unlucky day, that of Friday the 13th, and while it was certainly not unlucky for him, it was a little strange, as he explained, "I'm not superstitious, but Friday 13th was a strange day. I accidentally deposited 1000 EUR instead of 1000 Norwegian kroner. I tried to stop the transaction, but it was too late, so perhaps it was destiny!"

Mega Fortune slots was launched back in 2008 and over the years has made millionaires all over Europe and as part of the Net Entertainment progressive jackpot network it's available to play in many top European online casinos. This is the second multi-million Euro pay out already this year and it's pretty certain that it will drop again soon, especially as news of the big wins circulates and more players take to the reels, and why not, that jackpot can and indeed does drop at anytime and when it does, life changing amounts of money are paid out!