Huge Aladdin's Gold $220K Winners

We often provide news of big slots winners, details of those lucky slots players that have hit a huge progressive jackpot or simply gone on a massive lucky streak, however here we have news regarding 4 different players who struck lucky the same weekend at the very same casino.

The casino in question is that of Aladdin's Gold and the 4 players were not taking part in any of the many promotions available, simply regular slots players looking for good time and a decent win, and in what could a scene from the Twilight Zone, they all hit big. Two of the 4 players were available for comments and firstly player Lillian who won a staggering progressive jackpot on the 5 reel slot of Megasaur is a player who likes to stick to her way of playing, as she explained, "I always say stick with the spins. I do $125 bets and just when I'm about to give up, I spin a couple more times and I tend to get my money back. Last night, for example, I'd played over $1000 and then won $1800 back, so you just have to be patient. " She already has a trip planned and is off to stay with her parents for a while, who she'll no doubt be spending a little of that cash on.

Next there's slots fan Lisa who works as an accountant, and as you may expect from someone in that line of work, with her win of $75,000 from playing the Spirit of Inca she plans to do the sensible thing. She wants to clear up a few small debts and then she's off for a great vacation to Las Vegas as her daughter loves it! Her advice to those players looking for the big win is, "Make sure you play to win, and have patience. I've been really successful and it certainly seems to have worked for me."

The 2 other Aladdin's Gold winners hit their big scoops with a $30,500 jackpot spinning the reels of Wild Wizards slots, and a $10,000 streak on Let 'em Ride. Should you wish to try and join these 4 big winners then right now at Aladdin's Gold casino you can get a great welcome bonus of 200% on every single deposit you make for the first 7 days of your membership, and that's plenty of extra slots cash with which to earn yourself a slots windfall.