Huge Multi Slot Bovada Casino Win

Bovada casino has, over its many years of existence, paid out some staggering slots wins to US online slots players, and OK we’ll admit that as there’s such a huge amount of players that enjoy Bovada slots , and such a massive choice of slots to enjoy, that big wins are bound to be hit on the regular, however it’s not often that we get news of a triple whammy of Bovada slots wins, but that’s exactly what we have here.

Bovada slots player Howard R who enjoys spinning the reels from his home in Colorado is the latest big winner at this superb casino, and he won a combined $113,179 while enjoying three different Bovada slots. Howard got lucky once, he then did it again, and as if that wasn’t enough slots luck for the day, he hit slots heaven for the third time, on three different 5 reel video slots...triple wow!

Howards first big win came from the reels of the superb Desert Kingdom slots , an epic 5 reeler that combines a hot desert and animal theme and delivers a great freespins bonus round, and while enjoying this one, he pocketed a sweet $13,945. He then switched his attention to the extremely popular Greedy Goblins slots , and while spinning the magical and fantasy themed reels of this excellent Bovada slot he netted a total of $47,390, but Howard clearly had plans to make this a slots session to remember, and after playing the dinosaur themed colorful 5 reel slot of Dino Island and grabbing a further $51,844 he decided to call it a day....taking away that combined slots win of a superb $113,179!

That’s one of the best Bovada slots sessions we’ve had news of, and although it’s by no means the biggest slots win that this popular casino has paid out, it must be one of the strangest, and one of the’s to Howard and his bizarre slots luck!