Understanding Deposit Bonuses: A Guide

Casino deposit bonuses require a deposit from you - that much is clear from the name. But what else do you need to know?

For starters, these bonuses sometimes involve different wording. For example, you might see a deposit bonus, a deposit match bonus, or a percentage bonus mentioned somewhere along the way. There are subtle differences here, with a match bonus typically meaning you'll get 100% of your deposit amount matched by the casino as a bonus. The percentage bonus often means a different percentage is involved - either above or below 100%.

Does the deposit bonus always consist of bonus funds?

Not always. Sometimes you might see a free chip offered rather than funds, although in practice, it amounts to much the same thing. The difference is that a free chip gives the casino an opportunity to design a chip to promote on their website. This is far more eye-catching than a sum displayed on the screen.

Another possibility is that you will receive some free spins rather than bonus funds. This is a good way to promote a new slot game release or to highlight one of the top titles available at the casino. Some casinos provide their players with a multifaceted deposit bonus too - some free spins plus a match bonus, for example.

Stay alert for non-cashable bonuses

This refers to whether you can withdraw the bonus funds once you have met the playthrough requirements. A non-cashable bonus will stay with the casino, so you won't be able to withdraw it. A cashable bonus is yours to withdraw once you have finished the wagering requirements associated with the deal.

Cashable bonuses are therefore much more appealing, although unlikely to appear online nowadays. You might be fortunate to find them occasionally, but if so, we encourage you to read the wagering requirements and other T&Cs carefully, otherwise you might fall foul of high wagering to make up for the cashable aspect.

Always make sure you read the rules for casino deposit bonuses

The splashy headlines and big figures always make these bonuses look appealing. However, you need to be sure you know what you are claiming if you are going to opt for one of these offers.