Sugar Pop Slots

If you have a sweet tooth and if you love crushing candies between your teeth and on the screen, then there is now a casino slot machine game that suits to all those sugary desires. With Sugar Pop Slots from innovative game developer Betsoft Gaming, you are introduced to a whole new slot gaming concept.

This casino entertainment option combines exciting video slot action with conventional gaming elements. While playing, you are introduced to original win line configurations, special features, and a game play set up with multiple levels that ensure a long-lasting gambling experience. Just like with real sweets, this game will be impossible to ignore once you take that first bite and that first spin.

A Design That Looks Really Delicious

This sugary game does not only has a delicious theme, but it also looks very delicious. It is bursting with rich and colorful design elements that fit really well with the sugary sweet theme. Besides that, you are also treated to captivating animations when the reels start to turn and the candies start to land on their spots.

Play With Popping Candies

The regular candies in this game can pop, and they do that when a minimum of three sweets with matching colors stick to each other vertically or horizontally. New candies will fall down and take their place when the symbol combinations pop. Thus, this gives you the opportunity make additional combinations and wins. The waterfall of candies will continue to drop until you fail to make a successful combination.

You receive a payout for every popping candy combination. It is possible to make combinations with red, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, pink and purple candies. These candies also have various forms such as hearts, triangles and squares. During spins, you will mostly make hits with regular candies, but special ones will also randomly land on the reels. When regular candy combos pop, there is a chance that they will be replaced by special ones as well. All the regular sweets pop first before the special ones trigger their extra features. Lastly, it is worthy to mention that special candies come in to play when you make combinations with four or five similar colored sweets.

Form Symbol Combinations With Unique Pay line Structures

This game works with an all ways pays system. Unlike with most online slot machines where you only receive prizes for horizontal combinations, this game also rewards you for vertical symbol set ups on the reels. The possible winning combinations are infinite. For example, you can place three or more attributes horizontally on any of the reels and at any spot, but you can also land a minimum of three icons vertically on any reel and any spot. It really does not matter, as long as you make sure that the colorful treats touch each other vertically or horizontally. Every spin results in a new five times five set up of sugary sweets.

Win Big and Level Up

Proceed to higher playing levels and enter exciting new worlds when you spin the slot reels of this interactive casino slot. Win more to reach higher levels in the game. While playing, you will receive points that lead you to higher game levels. On the right side of the screen, you will see a meter that needs to be filled before a new level can be played. In some of the higher levels, you get to play with special sweets that are not available in lower levels. Click on the view pays button on the top right spot of the screen if you want to inspect the special candies breakdown and learn more about when they appear. The view pays screens also explain other details of the game.

As for the available game play levels in the slot, you have access to 30 of them, and they are currently divided over a total of five worlds. With so many stages to explore, it is clear that this innovative and in depth slot is much more than just a screen with a couple of reels, and that it actually comes close to being a conventional game. Explore all that it has to offer, and aim for a glorious high score.

Special Candies Turn Your Screen in a Sugary Paradise

Make progress in the game and get access to special candy features. You will be able to spin more powerful sweets when the levels become higher. The available special candies flock to the screen in abundant amounts and in many variations. They are the super color, the color bomb, the candy cane, the cotton candy, the jelly beans, the caramel chew, the gumdrop, the peanut butter cup, the lollipop, the chocolate, the jawbreaker and the white chocolate. Each of these delicious looking and tasting sweets is attached to special and unique game perks that increase the fun and your profits even more.

Activate Your Sugar and Coin Rush With Sugar Pop Slots

Now that you know all the ins and outs of the game, it is time to put those sweets on the screen, and maybe you should put a bowl of reel sweets beside you as well, because this sugary slot title is going to keep you busy. Enrich yourself with glucoses, sucroses, fructoses and of course also with lots of overly sweet cash prizes. These cash rewards can be won when you play the real money version of this game. But if just the view of those delicious looking candies moving about on the reels is enough to get you excited, then you can also just play the free fun version of Sugar Pop Slots. Both the fun version and the real money version are available on many Betsoft supporting gambling platforms that are active on the web. So don't ignore your desires any longer and activate your sugar and coin rush with Sugar Pop Slots.