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InterCasino looks sharp in black and yellow, letting you know they are a leader in online gaming. InterCasino creates a unique and stylish entertainment destination, focused on technical excellence, exceptional customer service and innovations in gaming. Play favourites like Lucky Sevens Slots and whimsical Monkey Slots games. Voted “Best Online Casino” by the industry leading “Gambling Online” magazine five years in a row, InterCasino gives you all the excitement you want with the peace of mind you need. When you play with InterCasino you know you are playing at a casino dedicated to excellence, integrity, individuality, style and entertainment.

Get Bonuses 4 Life

InterCasino tailor-makes a reward program just for you and they call it My Bonus 4 Life and that’s exactly what it is. My Bonus 4 Life is personalized for you based on your recent activity and you benefit from My Bonus for life every month for the rest of your life!

You’re an Individual – Be Treated Like One

Why didn’t someone do this before? Who wants to be treated like everyone else? InterCasino treats you like the valued customer you are by giving you bonuses that are personal and tailored-made to your style of gaming. Use your bonus cash on almost all of your favorite games. Play your favorite Slots or if you’d rather try your hand at American Roulette or Blackjack. Play Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow and Let it Ride Poker or Solitaire – whatever your personal taste you will find the game that you want with the rewards you deserve.

Your “My Bonus 4 Life” is exactly wheat it sounds like, a program that gives you a private bonus every month for as long as you live and play. And it doesn’t stop there. All month long InterCasino sends you other incredible promotions based on your game play. This means that you receive offers you can actually use and are interested in – because they are for the games you play and the way you made. It’s a promotional campaign just for you.

Keep Collecting Your Personalized Bonus 4 Life

Your “My Bonus 4 Life” promotional bonuses will also be based on your activity. The more you play the more offers you receive. At the beginning of every month you will receive your own very own tailor-made promotions in the email account you gave InterCasino for that purpose as well as your ‘My InterCasino’ inbox. Your private messages explain the promotion and bonuses you qualify for and exactly what you need to do including all the terms and conditions of the promotions.

My Bonus 4 Life is an ongoing promotion for members and they increase with the use of your account. If you haven’t sighed up yet, open your New InterCasino account and receive your huge Welcome Bonus. And start playing. Soon you’ll be receiving your very own My Bonus 4 Life promotions tailored-made just for you.