Outerspace Invaders Slots

Unless you want to play the slot of the same name, of course! If so, you are in the reliable hands of the team at PearFiction. The team has developed a slot game based around aliens, as you may have supposed from that title. However, it looks as though the aliens will be far from friendly in this game. There is a story in this game and it involves a man being taken by the aliens. One of the other characters in the game must try and rescue him, but will she be successful?

We say ‘she’ because there is a woman called Rachel here, and she is very handy for you to find as well. She is a wild icon and can appear over the entire column when she appears. That means you could get three wild spots on a reel in a spin. Meanwhile, you might also spot some of the aliens – octopus-like and holding ray guns – as you spin the reels of Outerspace Invaders.

Even the man from the army looks nervous to be tasked with protecting earth against these invaders. Maybe the General will take care of things. If you do reach the bonus that allows you to try and rescue the man the aliens took, you can fire directly at them to see if you can achieve your aim. If so, there are big multipliers in it for you. Is this the game for you? Try it today and see.