Spin These Top 5 Horror Themed Slot Reels In The Darkest Corners Of The Online Gambling World

It is dark and a splash of moonlight sips between the branches. The wind howls through the trees, who at their turn add extra tones to the symphony by scratching their dead fingers at the window. A wolf howls in the distance or is it a bit too near..

Darkness, terror and dead are in the air, but suddenly there is sound. A sound that evokes happy thoughts and takes the fears of monsters away. It is the sound of a jackpot spinning out of control. Suddenly there is money. Cheers of joy make the monster cringe and they hide in the shadows. It is a night full of thrills, bone chilling, nerve-wrecking thrills. The reels keep spinning, the monsters keep coming, but so do the winnings. It is a night when monsters meet slot machines and they blend into an unforgettable combo of blood, gore and cash winnings. Here are 5 of the best horror themed slots that will even place the bravest gamblers on the edge of their seats.

5. Jack The Ripper Slots

Jack the Ripper is in town, and his only form of entertainment is violently ripping his victims to pieces on the dark and sinister streets of late 19th century London. This notorious killer patiently lurks in the misty shadows to grab the next unlucky victim. The story on itself is already creepy and evocative enough, but it becomes even scarier because of the beautifully drawn illustrations and the specific style of this Genesis Gaming slot title. Spin the 5 reels of this 25 pay line slot machine and try to catch the elusive serial killer. The reward will of course be very generous.

4. Reel Blood Slots

Vampires play at night, and so are you when you decide to engulf yourself in this very bloody but equally lucrative 5 reel slot game adventure. The shockingly good Reel Blood Slots title offers the whole vampire themed package as it is stuffed with evocative symbols like coffins, fangs, crucifixes and many other attributes. Place your fangs into some beautiful and unspoiled prizes, and toast to the success with a fine glass of 'wine' at the Blood Bar.

3. The Ghouls Slots

You don't have to wait until it is Halloween to catch up with all creepy monstrosities that hunt in the dark. All you need to do is spin the 5 reels of this Betsoft Gaming video slot title, and the mummies, witches and ghouls will join the rewarding trick or treat party. 20 pay lines, progressive jackpots and free spins spread some light in the darkness. The progressive jackpot becomes your possession when you find five of the spooky haunted mansions that act as homes for the ghouls.

2. Zombies Versus Cheerleaders Slots

Zombies are certainly not picky when it comes to filling their rotten tummies with human flesh. In Zombies vs. Cheerleaders game, they are in for a real treat, because they get the beauties and the brains when they succeed in their grumbling and stumbling hunt for flesh. But the beauties definitely are not going to let their brains being eaten without a fight. Offering you as the gamer an excellent chance to see cheerleaders kick some zombie ass. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime and sit back for the show, because the situation is about to get messy when the cheerleaders pick up their weapons in this 5 reel slot game with 25 pay lines. Cheer squad co-captains Julie and Missy are the main characters in this Genesis Gaming slot title. They lead their girls in the fight against the monsters that are out to munch on cheerleader brains. Curious to know the outcome of this bloody catastrophe? The spin button holds all the answers.

1. House of Fun Slots

Darkness has placed its unforgiving blanket over the landscape and the car finally gave up on you. In search for any signs of life, you stumble upon a spooky mansion that makes the hairs on your neck stand up. You do NOT want to get inside that house. However, it does not get better when you look at your other options. At your left, there is an endlessly dark and unforgiving forest, and you do not even want to begin thinking of what lurks in the shadows on your right side. So the house seems to be the only choice. It is the first gamble you make, and it is a very important one.

It is also the choice that Jane, Paul and Chip the dog have to make in House of Fun slot game. However, they do not lack any courage because they decide to enter the mansion. Once they enter, the creaking and the scratching and the squeaking starts, but so does the spinning. Join the three courageous characters on their spooky trip. You might get a case of the heebie-jeebies during this 3D slot adventure, but the rewards should definitely motivate you to deal with all the horrors that display themselves on the 5 reels and 30 pay lines from this Betsoft Gaming slot title.

Nightmares From Which You Wish That They Never End

Vampires, zombies, ghouls, serial killers, what more do you want for a truly nerve-wrecking gambling night. These monsters are all out to get you in the eerie and scary realms of the darkest online slot machines. But if you play it smart, you could end up with a lot of cash in your pockets, instead of with a bloodsucking vampire in your neck or a brain eating zombie on your head. Sit back and enjoy this nightmare to the fullest.