The Mummy

Movies and slot games are two objects in life that rarely meet each other. Sure, there have been cheap replications at casinos and boardwalks, but the majority of the time the two would never find each in the same sentence. However, even the most opposite of experiences can intertwine to create something purely brilliant. The Mummy slot game is a testament to the mix-media experience. Deriving its name from the early 2000s blockbuster of the same title. The Mummy is as thrilling of an adventure as a slot game can get. With great themed icons and a crafty format, the game pulls off an impressive feel that will throw the player deep within its hidden vaults of treasure. Designed in a familiar 5 reel 25 pay line format, this mummifying slot adventure brings you threw a labyrinth of treasures and outstanding features, while still promising a complete assortment of the typical slot game goodies. Bets range from an overly cautious $.01 to a mummy hunting $5 per pay line, allowing a typical spin ranging anywhere from $.25 to $25.

Don't Cry to your Mummy!

Within the secret desert of the Egyptian Pharaohs, find your way through eery spins that may bring misfortune or great treasure. Will you cower away from the oncoming menace of the undead or grab the mummies by their wraps and take home the treasure? While The Mummy doesn't offer a multiplier, the game does offer an outlandish 10,000 coin jackpot. Complete with re-spin and super spin features. The crypts of the undead will have you spinning the reels through to the early morning. As a symbol the game utilizes a 'wild' mummy to represent the substitute symbol. This guy you can find roaming around between reels 2,3, and 4 quite regularly.

Other Horrifying Features

Even though a multiplier isn't present, the presence of a scatter will still multiply specific bets. The Lost City bonus is a special feature that appears randomly throughout the game. You will find yourself thrown in a dark room littered with treasure boxes. Break the correct box to win one of eight special items like the Scorpion Scatter. These random events will occur until you have collected all 8 of the prizes. When a mummy appears across a reel it will expand to cover the entire reel! Collapsing symbols: Whenever a winning combination is spun, the winning symbol will explode allowing another to take its place for better or worse. Of course, a game based on The Mummy would not be complete without the terrifying Scarab Attacks that occur once a mummy appears on reel 3!

Don't Miss Out

The Mummy is a intuitive and complex slot game that bases its likeliness around a blockbuster movie. This game offers everything from a clever homage to fans and also a complete fun packed adventures to newcomers. Don't miss out on The Mummy.