Supermarket Slots

There are a number of excellent video slots games around and one of them is the Supermarket Video Slot. This is a 20 pay-line slot machine that consists of 5 reels and just like other slot games today in the video section it also contains things like bonus games as well as the ability for payouts in terms of spins rather than coins (basically the same thing). Download free Supermarket Video Slots software and play now!

Playing Instructions

The first thing that you need to decide before you pull the reel for the Supermarket Slot machine is how many coins you want to start with. Each additional coin that you add will allow you to get paid on one additional pay-line, so if you want to ensure that you get the maximum number of pay-lines possible for this particular game, then the maximum bet that you can make is twenty coins. Once you have figured out the bet that you want to place, then you simply press the spin button and then sit back and wait for the result of the round. There is also an auto-play function that you can use if you want to bet the same number of coins each spin.


The amount of money that you win from each round is based not only on which symbols appear on the five reels, but also on which pay-lines those symbols happen to appear in. You can win along multiple pay-lines in the same spin and of course that is why a number of people prefer playing the bet max option and going with twenty coins for each spinning round.

There are a number of different symbols that represent different amounts that can be won on the reels and there is also a Wildcard symbol that can substitute for all of the different symbols in the game except for the shopping cart symbol and the coupon symbol. The coupon symbol is actually known within the game as a scatter symbol and what that basically means is that if you encounter at least three scatter symbols on all of the five reels put together, then you win money regardless of what the pay-lines are.

The other special symbol aside from the coupon symbol is the shopping card symbol. When you have three of these on a pay-line, then you get to enter the bonus round.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is very similar to other bonus rounds in video slot games and basically gives the player a chance to get an extra prize on top of anything they might win in the process of spinning. The bonus game consists of a supermarket with three aisles; you pick one of the three aisles and then pick various things off the shelves in the aisle to collectively earn your prize. You can also choose to trade that prize in for a shot at one of the other two aisles if you feel you can do a better job there. This means that you can have up to three chances to win a bonus prize, but it is worthwhile noting that you can not get your old prize back should your new prize be lower in value.