Mamma Mia Slots

Welcome to new, fantastically designed 3D slots machine called Mamma Mia Slots!

The way to a man's heart may be his stomach, but it's also the key to big prizes in Mamma Mia slots. The man at the center of this game is a talented Italian chef who's facing a pretty big challenge when a noted food critic enters Salvatore's restaurant. Pleasing him is the only way to win tons of cash.

While the reels spin, Italian music plays in the background. The chef is busy chopping away and filling his copper pots. Unlike some games where the 3D character tells you to hurry up, he doesn't seem to have a care in the world beyond his food preparation. I liked that!

Always ready for something new, I set the coin value at 10 cents, bet on all 30 paylines, and started to see how much I'd win within 30 spins. I do wish there was an auto-play feature, but it's not available. So, expect to click spin to start each round when you play Mamma Mia 3D slots.

Food-themed Bonus Features

Three or more pizzas rewards you with free spins. This feature is a lot of fun. The reels switch from being standard symbols, and instead a variety of pizza toppings appear. These toppings start at 50 to 250 coins for tomatoes (three matches needed) to 250 to 5,000 coins for the pepperoni (only two matches are needed). My gain with five free spins came to $85.

Three of more of the covered dishes trigger the Food Cover Click Me bonus. During this game, click on of the covered dishes and win cash.

There's also the Food Critic bonus that launches when you land at least three of the critic's rating cards. You help the chef decide what to cook for the food critic. The critic scores the food and that determines how much you win.

Lock & Spin Feature

For extra money, you can lock the reels and try to win extra cash. I had a spin where the first two reels had wild symbols, so I locked them for the max bet of 833 coins and won just under 1,200 coins, so it clearly paid off.

Payouts with Mamma Mia Slots

The animated symbols on the lower end of the paytable range from the cutting board and knife (50 to 250) to the lasagna rolls (125 to 625). These symbols all require at least three matches on the payline to win coins. At the upper end of the paytable are the waiter (25 to 1,000), the food critic (50 to 1,250), and the chef (75 to 2,500). Those symbols only need two matches.

There's also the restaurant door wild. This turned out to be the best way for earning cash as I played. The doors lined up frequently leading to huge payouts. In one spin, I won $180 thanks to the wild symbol. In the end, it was the wild symbol that kept me playing. While I didn't get to play the interactive bonus games with Mamma Mia slots, I still won plenty.