Scattered Skies Slots

We’re all familiar with the idea of matching symbols to win prizes in our favorite slot games. Scattered Skies, coming from the Spinomenal stable, works on the same premise. The game screen is a little different from the type you may be used to though, which makes it all the more important to read our review so you’re ready to play very soon.

Reels and paylines

Four reels? Yes, there are just four reels here – not three and not five. If that isn’t unusual enough, there are no paylines. The idea is to get as many matching symbols as you can find for each spin.

You need a minimum of five matches per spin to win. The pay table reveals the multipliers in place for each one so you know how much your triggering bet will be multiplied by in each case.

Bet amounts

Since you have zero paylines here, you choose from a number of set bet amounts. These range from as little as 20 cents per spin to as high as $200.

Scattered Skies valuable symbols

The planets and asteroids and other similar symbols are all worth various amounts. The paytable shows you how much each one is worth depending on the number that appear on the screen with one single spin. The idea is to try and get the most valuable symbol on the screen in every position if you can. Will you manage it?

Bonus features for Scattered Skies

This game is based on the 5 MORE game feature seen in some of their other slot games. This means you get five unsuccessful spins in a row in order to trigger some free spins. The number of freebies you are rewarded with depends on how long it takes you to win a prize. Once you win one, you return to paid spins and the 5 MORE meter resets.

Download and play the Scattered Skies online slot now!

There is no denying the detail in those planets and heavenly bodies. However, despite the design, the game doesn’t really offer anything new and there is certainly no real incentive to keep on playing for a longer period of time.

If you want something straightforward and good to look at though, Scattered Skies could fit the bill for you. Check it out today and try the demo mode so you can see it in action.