Reel Fighters Slots

Reel Fighters… hmm… now this sounds like it could be a handful, so could you end up liking this slot game or not?

Well, it definitely looks different, with the various fighters capable of taking up more than one space on the reels. But to get the lowdown on what you can really expect, we have more information for you here.

How many reels and lines could you expect from this game?

There are 15 lines in play here over five reels.

What bid amounts does it allow?

You can bid a number of coin values between one cent and ten dollars in this game. That amount is played per line.

Can you expect to see any special symbols in Reel Fighters?

One of the fighters appears as a scatter symbol. Three or more will get you 3x your bet amount plus 10 free spins.

There are also five so-called big symbols. These each represent a different reel fighter. They are also worth more than the other symbols in the game.

There are three wilds in the game, too, and each one is represented by a multiplier. So you will see x2, x5 and x10 appearing as wilds. Get one of those as part of a winning line and your prize is multiplied by the amount shown.

Will you get a chance to play a bonus game?

No, the bonus here is playing those free games. However, since you have the chance to see the big symbols and the wilds in the free games as well, it is still worth shooting for.

Download and play Reel Fighters now!

Having three wilds instead of one definitely makes things more interesting. The big symbols are also a bit different, and worth looking out for. The game is very smooth to play and you will probably enjoy the dramatic cartoon appearance as well, if you like that kind of thing.

We do think it would probably have benefited from an extra bonus or two, but in reality that’s just a minor niggle. The multiple multiplier wilds are a great feature and you may well be pleased with the outcome of one or two of those popping up.

So you really need to check this game out to be in with a chance of winning some super prizes. Will you get some big symbols in play with wilds attached as well?