Spinfinity Man Slots

Our feelings on Spinfinity Man slots are mixed. This 3D Betsoft slot is so much fun, but it seemed that winning clusters were not common. We could get more than a dozen spins in before finally landing a winning cluster. That said, the payouts were often more than generous and that kept us involved. If we hit a bonus feature, winnings grew tremendously.

Basic gameplay involves getting clusters of 4 or more matching symbols on the 7 by 7 grid. Those symbols must be horizontally or vertically aligned. Diagonal connections do not count. The more matching symbols in the cluster, the higher the payout. When you do get a matching cluster, they explode, you gain the cash, and new symbols fall into the empty spaces, which can lead to additional wins on just one spin.

Prizes and Symbols Seen on the Paytable

Based on the maximum $10 bet, the highest prize is the white crystals that pay $24 to $90. Orange crystals pay up to $60. Purple and blue crystals pay up to $45. Remaining symbols are the poker symbols that pay up to $30 for the King and Ace and $15 for the Queen and Jack.

Infinity symbols are wilds. They can help form larger clusters, which boosts the amount of cash you can win in this superhero slot game.

After a base game win, you do have the option of gambling half or all of your winnings. It's a simple coin toss game that you're welcome to play again and again while building your prize. If you make an incorrect guess, you do forfeit that last prize and any winnings you'd added to it with the gamble feature.

What Are the Bonus Features?

From time to time, you might find a giant Spinfinity Man appearing on the reels. If this happens, one of five bonus features activates.

  • Icy Blast – Spinfinity Man breathes on a cluster of surrounding symbols and makes them shatter and fall from the board.
  • Double Icy Blast – This takes Icy Blast and doubles the number of symbols that are frozen and fall from the board.
  • Laser Eyes – In this bonus feature, the superhero burns two rows or two columns with his special vision.
  • Double Laser Eyes – With his laser eyes, the superhero torches two full rows and two full columns of symbols.
  • Telepathy – Using the power of his mind, he removes all occurrences of a symbol from the board.

Another bonus feature involves the daring superhero's biggest fan. In the Biggest Fan bonus, a young lady with a camera appears when you get a cluster of at least 5 symbols. The Biggest Fan feature triggers and creates an explosion with a random number of other symbols.

Mr. X is our superhero's nemesis. When he appears on the reels, the Villain Trail is triggered. If you finish the villain trail, you play the free spins bonus round. Start with 10 free spins. Mr. X symbols appearing during free spins add an extra free spin to the counter. Our superhero transforms into Mr. X symbols during the free spins, which triggers one of five bonus features.

  • Destruction Bomb – Mr. X sets a bomb that blows up a cluster of symbols.
  • Devastation Bomb – Mr. X sets a bomb that blows up a larger cluster of symbols.
  • Laser Arm Cannon – Two rows or columns are burned away by Mr. X's laser gun.
  • Super Arm Cannon – Two rows and two columns are burned away by the laser gun.
  • X-Ray – All similar symbols on the reels are zapped away.

Betting Options and Controls

Betting options range from 10 cents to $10. We opted for the full $10 per spin bet as it's not a lot to risk given the prize levels. Once you've selected your bet, you spin or turn on autoplay. You can turn off the sounds if desired or click the info button to see the paytable.

Spinfinity Man slots is an action-packed game full of explosions and cash prizes. We played for half an hour and never did trigger the villain trail bonus round. With only two villains caught, it seemed that it would take forever to trigger the free spins bonus round. The base gameplay is very rewarding, however, and that makes this a superhero slot we recommend you try.