Nova 7s Slots

Whenever a new Real Time Gaming (RTG) slot is released, you know it’s time to sit up and take notice. We have just that possibility available for you today as the Nova 7s online slot has been officially launched. Is this your time to have a shot at winning some prizes with this new slot game?

A great number of reels and paylines

There are five reels built into the game, and they’re spinning over the top of an intergalactic background. It certainly looks pretty thrilling, especially when you realize you have a maximum of 25 paylines to try and win on with each spin.

Space-themed symbols galore

Yes, you will find lots of symbols in play in this game, and it’s easy to see why. You’ve got some impressive moons, planets and of course some novas in store (supernovas, we think) as you play the game.

If you manage to get a wild red 7 landing on a reel, the entire reel will trigger a solar flare. This means the whole reel goes wild, and since this can happen on more than one reel at once, you can trigger some serious chances at winning several prizes.

Watch for blue 7 symbols as well

Blue ones? Well yes, because these are just as powerful as the red 7s. This is because three or more of them will grant you access into one of the free games features.

Did we say ‘one of’? We did, because there are four of them in total. You could trigger one of the following rounds:

  • Nova 7 – delivers 7 free games in which the red 7 is added to the three middle reels
  • Super Nova 7 – gives you 7 free games with a 7x multiplier on all prizes
  • Hyper Nova 7 – same as the Super Nova 7 feature but it has red 7s on third reel expanding and triggering a re-spin
  • Hyper Nova Extreme 7 – same as the Hyper Nova 7 feature but the red 7 will always fully expand on the third reel

As you can see, there are some seriously-good prizes to be won here, as well as some great free games features built into the game design.

Download and play Nova 7s slots today!

It’s time to stop reading about Nova 7s and time to start playing it for real! Will you go Super Nova or better?