Masks of Atlantis Slots

SpinLogic's Masks of Atlantis Slots offers a uniquely appealing game structure that bettors will appreciate: winning spins give way to cascading reels, and each cascade in the base game boosts prizes between one and five times. Also, free games, a paytable packed with stunning symbols, and even more multipliers await, making Atlantis' Mask one to try on today. Ready to learn more? Read on for details, or visit your favorite SpinLogic casino to hit the reels today.

Budget-Friendly Bets on the Reels

Masks of Atlantis Slots offers wide-ranging bets, making it affordable for gamblers with virtually any budget. Coin sizes in the 20-payline slot range from $0.01 to $1.00, making per-spin wagers fall from $0.20 to $20 per spin. By offering many bet options, Masks of Atlantis is perfect for virtually any player.

Unmasking the Paytable

A slot's theme is never so apparent as in the paytable, and this holds in Masks of Atlantis, where tiled icons depicting creatures of the deep join low-paying tiles in orange, green, and purple. The masks include blue, gold, and bronze creatures alongside the Kraken, which is purple.

The wild logo is a standard substitute in the game, replacing everything but the scattered compass, a trigger to the free games feature. Below, learn more about how the cascading reels and other bonuses work in Masks of Atlantis Slots.

Cascading Reels and a Creative Approach to Free Spins

The bonus features in Masks of Atlantis are outstanding, and players will enjoy unmasking every one of them. While the base game's cascading, sometimes called collapsing, reels offer multipliers of one, two, three, or five times for each successful win under the same wager; those numbers increase during the free spins feature. Learn more about the bonus action below.

  • Three compass symbols on a payline trigger ten free games in Masks of Atlantis, and this is true for every line; if bettors receive, for example, three scatters each on three different paylines, they'll snag 30 free spins.
  • While the collapsing reels in the base game boast multipliers ranging from one to five times, those numbers increase three times in the feature, where gamblers can expect multipliers of 3, 6, 9, and 15 times.

Dive to the Depths to Uncover the Treasure in Masks of Atlantis

When online casino bettors are ready to dive into a quality slot from a proven developer, they'll love what they find on the reels in Masks of Atlantis Slots. Head to your favorite SpinLogic casino to get started now.