Candy Factory Slots

Players looking for a sweet treat may want to spin Dragon Gaming's Candy Factory Slots, a collapsing, cluster-pays slot title with five reels. The game explodes with delicious free spins and adding multipliers that can combine to create a rather hefty payday. Impatient bettors will love the Buy Feature, but this game will have all players soaking in the delightfully flavored wins it offers.

A Delicacy For Big Bankroll Holders

Not all candy is cheap, and bettors will want to ensure they have a big enough bankroll for this candy shop. The minimum wager on this slot is a hefty $1.00 and a max bet of $100, so penny players may shy away from this one as several games on the market are very similar but offer lower starting points. Big gamblers, however, may want to take advantage of the Buy Feature that costs 85 times the wager.

A Rainbow of Confections On The Reels

Everyone will find a colorful selection of candy on the reels, including purple, blue, and orange-striped candy, yellow jaw breakers, and green and red jellybeans. The wild symbol is a white triangle with red and blue striping, and players may find dynamite sticks inside the chocolate blocks at the bottom of the playing area. The heavy use of pink and other pastel colors makes this an excellent choice for longer sessions, as it is easier on the eyes than some other games.

Exploding Chocolate Brings Free Games & More

When players make a match of three or more symbols at the bottom of the reels, the chocolate squares burst, and the symbols collapse; this continues as long as there are new wins with each collapse. Hitting a square with a rocket triggers an explosion, removing any conjoining chocolates. When all the squares of chocolate clear on a single spin, the free spins round triggers, and bettors must choose between:

  • Six free spins with random adding multipliers of one, two, and three times hidden in the chocolates.
  • Eight free games with the same random multipliers or up to ten free spins.
  • Twelve free spins of the reels with lucky extra spins of up to ten somewhere within the blocks.

Take a Big Bite of Candy Factory Slots

Some players may find this title too syrupy for their tastes, but the option to wager up to $100 may give bettors a reason to give this one a taste test. The play format is original and can be heart-racing; it is unfortunate that the minimum wager is so high. This title is the candy store players will want to stop at when they visit their favorite casino.