Medusa’s Gaze Slots

Do you know you should never look Medusa in the eye? This snake-headed woman has the power to turn you into stone if you do! And yet she is right at the center of this brand new game from Playtech that has to be seen to be believed.

Without further ado, we will reveal the facts about this new and very different type of online game.

What’s the situation with reels and lines?

You won’t see any reels here, because the game screen has Medusa right in the center, with a number of colored sections next to each other on a grid around her. There are 12 lines you could win on, which are indicated on the paytable. It’s hard to explain, but you will see how it works when you play. This game is available in practice mode, which is definitely a good thing!

Which coin values can you bet on the game?

You can play 20 cents per go, and you can try as much as $100 as well, with various other amounts available in between.

Does Medusa’s Gaze offer up any valuable symbols?

The white block is wild, and the idea is to get three or more tiles that match in consecutive positions. If you win on a spin, Medusa will turn those tiles that won the prize into stone. They will then move out from the middle to the edge.

Does this slot have a bonus round?

No, this game is all about the blocks. You do get multipliers though, because each consecutive win you manage to get receives a multiplier. The first prize would be 1x, and if you won another prize straight afterwards, it would trigger a 2x multiplier and so on.

Download and play Medusa’s Gaze online today!

It’s great to see this game has a freeplay mode, because there really is nothing else like it out there today. It is a great game, and we really enjoyed testing it out. Luckily, Medusa is looking down at the blocks rather than at you, so we think you’re safe playing it in that respect!

While there is nothing special here other than the wild block, the fact this is incredibly different will make a huge difference to how you play. Make sure you check this new game out as soon as you can, to appreciate what Playtech has come up with.