Santa 7's Slots

Playing the slots year round is a fun way to spend some time at your favorite online casino. Around the holidays, slot players tend to look for the Christmas themed slots, and there are several to play. One of the most exciting is the Santa 7's Slots, offering a simple game with a lot of winning possibilities.

With this slot by Nuworks, you will find a very generous progressive winning opportunity as well as wilds, scatters, multipliers and a Santa Magic feature that is definitely something to look forward to the next time you are online.

The Basics

When you first see the screen for Santa 7's Slots, you will immediately notice a difference. This is more like a classic slot in that it offers three reels. However, unlike a classic slot it offers five paylines, which boosts your winning opportunities.

Wagering is very simple as you simply select the number of lines from one to five. You will then choose your wager amount for the total bet. All information about the wager is displayed at the bottom of the reels and the jackpot amount is in the top right corner of the screen.

There is also an autoplay feature that allows you to set the game for 5, 10 or 25 spins at the wager amount. Players can also change the speed of the game by clicking on the appropriate button on the screen.

Symbols of Christmas

The symbols on the reels include the hearts, clubs, diamonds and spade symbols in Christmas ornaments along with Rudolph, Santa, a candy cane and then the two number 7 options all in Christmas wrapping.

The Jackpot is the Christmas gift, and seeing three or more gives you the jackpot prize. The elves, either the two or the three, are the wilds. The double and triple wilds are only on the last two reels, but they do substitute to create winning combinations. They are also multipliers, and if you see both you will be awarded 6Xs the triggering wager.

Santa Magic

Whenever you see three of a kind, you will win the Santa's Magic feature. This is where the two Christmas trees, one on either side of the reel, come into play. When you see the Green Elf Meter or the Red Elf Meter light up, you have a chance to win a prize on the tree including multipliers, free games and jackpot spins.

While Santa 7's Slots is more of a classic slot, it is also a lot more than just a basic slot. This is a fun, entertaining and very festive slot player will enjoy throughout the holiday season and the rest of the year.