Swindle all the Way Slots

Swindle all the way is a mischievous holiday-themed slot. This slot is themed around a pair of robbers sneaking into the houses on Christmas eve, eating Santa's cookies, getting bitten by the guard dog, and trying to rob all of your kid's presents, yikes! This slot is humorous, making a play on Santa as an intruder and how a pair of robbers who recently broke free from their jail cells right in time for Christmas! This cartoonish slot has a satirical quality to it, starting from the title of the slot, to the mischievous orchestra-based score, to the amusing and attractive cartoon graphics, with bold colors and excellent art design. The sound effects are amusing. This game brings to mind the classic Christmas film Home Alone, bringing a warm and nostalgia to this realistically terrifying concept. (it is sort of funny considering how scary a home intruder would be on Christmas, but it's still a hilarious concept with a lot of adorable qualities, without a doubt in my mind)

Major and Minor Slot Feature

My favorite slots usually involve multiple jackpots, and this slot has both a minor and major jackpot. There are some slots with many jackpots, The jackpot sign is located in the upper right corner of the game, and flickers back and forth between the major and minor jackpot. These progressive jackpots can be triggered at any time during the gameplay regardless of bet size. With both these major and minor jackpots, they pay out very well - the minor pay a minor of 1,000 and 250 times the betting currency. Overall, I appreciate the slots that contain these progressive jackpots- there are slots without them, and I don't necessarily get the appeal of playing without a progressive jackpot or a few progressive jackpots at least.

Easy Format and Gameplay

This game was effective, easy to learn, and formatted well. This game has no glitches, errors, or bugs, which is fantastic as I would be very cautious to put any money into a board that wasn't working properly because I wouldn't want to lose my bet! This is a five by three reel, placed against an outdoor yard. Snow blankets the ground and falls freshly from the dark blue night sky. On either side, framing the board is a few beautiful trees. One of them is completely bare, lacking greenery, but overcompensated with a string of Christmas lights. On the other side, is a bare pine tree lightly coated with the freshly fallen snow. The line bet, the lines, and your total bet are located right beneath the board on the left side. This is a stacked button with arrows that are negative and positive, and you can use it to increase or decrease the amount you bet and the number of lines you choose to play. There is a total of 25 lines that you can play on this board. You can play a minimum of 0.01 cents to a maximum of 5.00$ per line. In the middle of the screen is a blue mini window that displays your winnings. The maximum bet with every line playing and the maximum bet per line is 125$ per game. On the right side of the screen is a few arrow buttons, one being the larger yellow button and the other being a smaller blue one. The yellow is the manual spin, and the blue is the autopsy button. I prefer auto spin and games where I can adjust the speed of each spin. You can also pull up a screen that displays a table of how much you can win, depending on how many robbers you find throughout the game. You can find a lot of robbers - up to a total of 10. All symbols pay left to right.

Symbols, Wilds and Scatters

The symbols on this board are diverse, amusing, and wonderful. These symbols include a pair of scandalous and no good robbers, the Swindle All The Way logo, a tray of cookies and a glass of milk, the robber's loot bag, a stocking with presents, a reindeer, a newspaper with a headline about the said robbers, telling the story of the board, and finally the Q (queen) K (king) A (ace) J (jack) and 9 and 10. Each little and number symbol is wrapped up like a present, as well. Now, when you land three scatter symbols, which is the swindle all the way logo, and land it on any reel position, you'll unlock the bonus feature! During this feature, you'll need to locate and expose the robbers through a selecting game - looking for the burglar's hiding place. The picks are dependent on the number of scatters that created this feature. The player has only one pick per reel if this bonus feature is triggered, but you'll get two picks if you trigger four and five scatters. The number of scatters also determines how many bonus rounds will be activated. The players are awarded 3 extra games for 3 scatters and two additional games if they manage to locate the robber during the picking game. If you land four scatters you'll trigger five free games and five additional games for each robber you manage to find. If you are super lucky and get five scatters, you'll grant ten free games and five games per robber discovered. During this bonus round, you'll also have an active prize multiplier, for each successful robber pick in this game, you'll unlock 3 scatters, which a maximum number of 5 scatters activating this feature. Your bonus can be retriggered, triggering 10 additional rounds to your already generous bonus game. The wild symbols are the two robbers, and they pay out 2,500 coins for a five of a kind. Since each robber, you find during the scatter game, thanks to the win multiplier you can win between three to sixty free games, with a win multiplier ranging from very little to x33. The bonus in itself pays well.

Conclusion, Summary, and Whether I Would Play This Game Again

For some reason, Holiday slots seem to be pretty popular within the virtual slot world. I've played quite a few different themed ones - from traditional holiday-themed slots to sexy holiday-themed slots, to humorous holiday-themed slots. Rudolph's revenge comes to mind in terms of comparing the quality and humor of this slot. Most folks - especially those who might not have grown up with a picture-perfect family will appreciate the dark humor in this slot. The animation was quality, as well as the overall theme and music. I enjoyed the progressive jackpot feature - it's a generous feature with multiple jackpots. The bonus game brings a lot of opportunities for winning at various levels. The worthwhile game is triggered by the three scatters, plus the way the slot perfectly explains itself with the table of winnings was straightforward and great. Yes - theme is valuable, the animation is valuable, humor and character within the slot itself are valuable, and in terms of picking between slots, you're looking for one with great payouts and benefits. This slot has a great betting range and I would recommend it for high rollers and low rollers alike.