Casinos Using Cubits

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Since 2014, Cubits allowed safe and secure payments, storage, and transfers with Bitcoin. Using Cubit, Bitcoin transactions go through instantly, so there's no waiting hours, days, or weeks to get money into your casino balance. You'll also have your winnings in your hands without fuss.

Casinos that take Cubits make it easy to get right to the games. Add funds to your Cubits wallet, deposit with a casino that accepts Cubits, and you'll be playing casino games or making bets in a few minutes.

Cubits Provides Extra Safety Measures to Avoid Breaches

By using Cubits, you're keeping your money safe. The Bitcoin network is impossible to hack using today's technology. While you see media saying credit cards were breached in another hack, that doesn't happen with Bitcoin.

The wallets you store your Bitcoin in can get hacked if a company isn't careful. Cubits uses technology that requires multiple points of authorization before a transaction is completed. Plus, it stores its customers' Bitcoin in what are called "cold wallets." They're not stored online, which makes them hard to breach.

All Bitcoin transactions are made using the sender and recipients' emails. You don't have to provide tons of information like your address or phone number. You're able to keep the information you don't want to share private. Every 90 days, you're prompted to create a new password. That also helps keep your account secure.

The other thing to know about Cubits and Bitcoin is that fees are incredibly low. When fees are charged, the money is used to reward the "miners" who are independent workers who help verify transactions using Bitcoin. You don't pay fees to a bank or credit card using Cubits.

Using Cubits at an Online Casino

Cubits casinos make it easy to deposit funds using Cubits. You must create a wallet with Cubits first. The only information you provide is your name, email, and password. Click confirm and wait for a confirmation email to arrive. Once you have that email, confirm your account. You're ready to deposit funds to Cubits immediately.

Once you have logged into your Cubits wallet, you can purchase Bitcoin to add to your wallet. You can transfer funds from your bank or use OKPay, Skrill, or Sofort.

Using your Cubits wallet, you can immediately deposit funds to a Cubits-friendly casino. Choose Cubits as your deposit method. You'll be redirected to Cubits. The reverse happens when you want to withdraw. Enter your information with the casino, and money is sent to your Cubits wallet as soon as the withdrawal is approved.

Be Aware That Not Everyone Can Use Cubits

Cubits is not allowed in every country. Read the terms to make sure you are allowed to create a Cubits account. Players from the U.S. are not allowed to create Cubits accounts. That could change in the future, but U.S. players should look for U.S.-friendly casinos that take Bitcoin or other methods like credit cards. That list is subject to change, so you'll want to see if anything has changed from time to time.

If your country is on the list of areas where Cubits is allowed, don't wait. Set up your Cubits wallet and start playing. The number of Cubits-friendly casinos continues to grow. It's the safe, smart way to bank with your favorite online or mobile casino.