Walking Death Slots

Walking Death Slots
Walking Death will certainly give you the chills when you play it. It is one of the most fabulous Halloween slots I have reviewed in recent years. Design by InBet Games, I top my witch’s hat to them for cleverly designing this awesome slot game.

Who is InBet Games?

They are a leading software provider serves more than 15,000 game clubs and lottery throughout 42 countries. They have been given numerous awards as a Casino Platform Supplier and Best Product Innovation along with Inbet Games software solutions. They are mostly known for their sports betting.

About the game

Walking Death is no walk in the park, especially on Hallow’s Eve. The symbols in this game are quite stunning in 3D and invoke a horror theme like no other. To the right of the slot, you will see the Grim Reaper, wearing all black, and holding a scythe. Keep an eye on him!

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

In-Bet Games.

Is this Game available for Demo Pay?

Yes it is.

What is the Theme of Walking Death?

Buffy would love this game. It is set in a cemetery, and its central theme is Horror!

How is the Game Designed?

There is one aspect of this game that I’ve never seen before. At the bottom of the slot you have the usual buttons you’ll find on a slot game. However, there is one button that is quite new. It is the Red/Grey button. The Red says Normal, and the Grey says Wilded. The Wilded button means that when you click on it you can add a Wild symbol to the game. Now that’s unique!

What is the Slot Game Type?

It is a 5-reel video slot game.

How Many Pay lines are in this Game?

There are 9 pay lines.

What are the Betting Options?

At the bottom left of the slot, you will see a Fun box that shows a bet up to $5. Next to that is the Balance, followed by the Normal/Wilded buttons, Bet, Auto Play, and Start/Stop button. Note that after each win you will be asked if you wish to risk the amount won. If not, the Spin button will become the Take button. The Bet button will enable you to bet the max of $5 to $500 per spin. Note that if you use the Wilded button, your bet will increase to $1000 per spin.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

At the bottom left, click on the question mark and you will be able to access the Pay Table, so that you can familiarize yourself with the symbols, payouts, and special features.

Is there a Bonus Round in this Game?

Yes. When you get three or more RIP Headstones, you will activate the bonus round. Here you will be taken to a second page where five coffins will be shown. Your task is to open the coffins to find skeletons in them. If you choose a coffin with no skeleton, the round ends.

What is the Game’s RTP?

The Return to Player is not available at this time.

What is the Slot Game’s Rating?

Since this is a new game, its rating is unknown at this time.

Have there been Slot Game Winners?

Again, since this is a new game, we do not have this information as yet. But I won, if that counts!

Can I Play Walking Death for Fun?

Yes, we have the recommended online casinos in which you can play this game.

Can I Play this Game for Real Money?

Absolutely. Join any online casino that we provide for you and you can play this game for real money once you join.

Is Walking Death available for Mobile Play?

Yes. It is available for Android and iOS devices.


Well, I have to say that this Halloween will find many a slot player enjoying Walking Death Slots. It is a high quality game with very high payouts if you bet as much as you can afford. The Bonus Game is ok, but it is the payouts that I found to be aplenty. I very highly recommend you play Walking Death Slots. If you’re having a Halloween Party, invite your friends to play as well.