The Crackdown Slots

Some games are far more dramatic than others, and we would definitely fit The Crackdown into that category. This is a good game to play, but it involves the police trying to take down a drugs gang, which isn’t something you would expect to find in a slot game.

However, let’s look at it more closely so we can see what elements are in play here.

What number of reels and paylines have been used?

This game has 15 paylines and five reels.

Which coin values are in play?

The smallest coin value here is three cents, so while it isn’t strictly a penny slot, it is still very affordable to play. You can crank things up a notch too if you like, to a total bet of $3 per line.

Does The Crackdown have any special symbols?

Yes, it has a wild symbol that is represented by stacks of dollar bills. No doubt you will be hoping to win that by scooping lots of prizes with the help of this symbol. It has the power to replace everything you see in the game, apart from the blue scatter symbol.

Can you look for a bonus feature in this slot game?

There isn’t a bonus round as such, but you could end up seeing some nice prizes if you opt for the gamble feature. If you win a prize at any stage, you can either continue and collect that prize or you can gamble it. This is a double-or-nothing round, so be careful, because you could lose everything. On the other hand, if you win, you could double your money.

The scatter symbol does however have the power to unlock free spins. If this should occur, you could get the benefit of an expanding wild in the free games. Needless to say, when a wild has the power to expand, it will have the possibility to trigger bigger wins – and maybe more of them as well.

Download and enjoy The Crackdown online slot now!

This is an unusual theme for a slot game, but it might end up being one you rather like. Give it a look and see whether it might prove to be a game you enjoy. You never know until you try, and Booming Games – the creator – has come up with some other great titles before. Make sure you have a closer look now.