Club 2000 Slots

Some slot game providers settle for releasing games based on templates that are already proven to work. But every now and then you see a game that is totally different. Club 2000 is just that kind of game.

It looks like your average casino game to begin with – a one-armed bandit, if you will. But is there more to this than meets the eye? We think so…

What do you get in terms of reels and paylines?

It looks very basic, and it offers you three reels and one payline.

Does this game have good bet values to choose from?

You can get started with as little as a penny, but the max bet goes up to $5.

Special symbols in use in Club 2000

Most of the symbols here are classic fruit symbols. You’ve probably seen them in use in all kinds of other games as well. Watch out for the Club 2000 logo though, because it acts as a scatter and it could deliver a prize worth as much as 200 credits if the luck is on your side.

Can you unlock a bonus feature in Club 2000?

Well, for starters there is the Clubmeter, which as you may have noticed takes up the top half of the machine. If you win a prize in the basic game below, you can either choose the prize or take your credits to play on the Clubmeter instead.

If you do the latter, you have a chance to win bigger prizes. You also have the opportunity to return to the normal game at the bottom of the screen at any point if you decide you’ve had enough of the Clubmeter.

Get ready to download and play Club 2000 slots today!

As you also have a chance to gamble any win you make on a heads-or-tails option, this slot game does deliver way more than the usual three-reel, single-line slot would do. It does take some getting used to though, which is why it’s a good idea to check out the features in demo mode first.

Be wary of using the gamble feature as while you could double your prize, you could also lose what you’ve won so far. All in all though, you have a slot game that is very different and will take you back to the best casino slot games ever released.