Football Gladiators Slots

The Football Gladiators… wow, this sounds like an impressive slot if we take the title into consideration, but what about the game itself? Does it deliver what it promises?

We can say the opening images do get you in the mood, showing you an aerial shot of a gladiatorial arena… and a football. But what happens next?

What do you get in terms of reels and paylines?

The game is played with 25 line combinations and five reels.

Does this game have good bet values to choose from?

You have a chance to bet from one to four coins per line you play. Your coin values range from a cent to 50 cents.

Special symbols in use in Football Gladiators

You can get a highest wild symbol that is one of the gladiators. You are prompted to pick a player at the start of the game, and the one we picked turned out to be the wild, so maybe if you pick a different one, you'll pick a different wild too. Watch out for that feature.

Can you unlock a bonus feature in Football Gladiators?

Yes, and you only need to find two arena bonus symbols to access it. You are then asked to choose one of the arenas. This will reveal whether you will play the Battle Bonus or the Chariot Bonus. You can find out more about these in the pay table… or simply make your choice and brace yourself for an exciting experience!

Get ready to download and play Football Gladiators slots today!

The game is very smooth to play and while you won't get a scatter in play, you can get some larger symbols that take up a couple of spaces on the reels. If this happens, you might get a better chance of securing a win or two. It all depends how the rest of the symbols fall.

The detail in the game is commendable, and we did like the cut scene at the beginning. You also get a stream of coins pattering down onto the screen whenever you win anything, which is pretty good - even for small prizes!

All in all, we thought the game had enough good features to keep us interested. It's got a modern twist to it with some familiar gladiatorial names, but it has to deliver on the promise of a good game too, and it does.