Big Blox Slots

It’s always nice to find a slot game that offers something a bit different. Yggdrasil Gaming has done just that with Big Blox. While you may have seen a similar feature in other games, the main perk is definitely used to great effect here.

The game has an Aztec feel to it that seems to match well with the Big Blox feature. So let’s have a closer look.

What number of reels and paylines have been used?

This game features five reels, and you can expect 243 ways to win instead of having specific paylines.

Which coin values are in play?

You can play with coins worth from one cent to four dollars. The game assumes there are 25 lines for the sake of working out your total bet amount.

Does Big Blox have any special symbols?

Every spin has the power to produce a Big Block. This will be anything from 2x2 to 5x3 in size. It is formed from a number of matching symbols and will obviously increase your chances of winning a prize (or more than one).

The wild is a gold wild symbol. This has the usual features but here it might also land as a Big Block symbol. Various other symbols also have an Aztec look about them and they can be worth varying amounts too.

Can you look for a bonus feature in this slot game?

It’s all good so far, but unfortunately the makers of this slot haven’t included a bonus feature. There are no free spins either, which is a real shame. We do feel that could have added to the appeal.

Download and enjoy Big Blox online slot now!

Let’s get one thing clear – we do love the design of this game. We’ve seen other slots that have used the giant symbol feature before, and this is as good a use of it as there has been elsewhere.

It is nice to know the feature crops up on every spin too. You can see where it will land and then you have to wait until the symbol fills it to see what you will get. It’s a shame you can have nothing more than the main gameplay to look forward to, but if you want a regular slot that’s just a little bit different, this might still fit the bill. Check out Big Blox today.