3 Hit Pay Slots

3 Hit Pay slots is another classic slot. It's got three reels and three pay lines. It may have people wondering why it's such an appealing game. There's a simple answer to this. The top prize of 10,800x is massive given the minimal amount you risk on a spin.

You're automatically set to wager a total of nine coins on the reels. You can select how high the coin value is. It ranges from a penny to $1. The absolute highest wager is $9 per spin.

Three Payout Tables Ensure Frequent Prizes

You have three main types of symbols in 3 Hit Pay slots: bars, 7s, and cherries. What you win depends on the symbols.

Starting with the cherries, one cherry anywhere on a line gets you 2x. Two cherries pay 10x as long as it's with a bar. Three cherries pay 20x.

Bars are next and come in single bars, double bars, or triple bars. Placement is important. If you get a mix of bars on the first two reels, you win 5x. If they're on the second and third reel, you win 6x. Two single bars pay 10x or 12x following that same placement rule. Two double bars pay 15x or 18x. Two triple bars pay 20x or 24x.

You get better payouts when you get three bar symbols across the reel. A mix of them pays 10x. Three single bars pay 40x. Double and triple bars across a pay line pays 50x or 60x.

This brings you to the 7s. They come in red, white, blue, or fire. Again, the amount you win depends on where two matching symbols are placed. When you have two white, blue, red, or fire 7s on the first two reels, you win 25x, 50x, 100x, or 200x, respectively. On the last two reels, they pay 30x, 100x, 150x, or 400x, respectively.

Three matching 7s on a line pay much more. White 7s pay 150x. Blue and red pay 300x and 800x. The fire 7s are the best of all. Three of those on a pay line lands you the biggest prize of 10,800x, which is $10,800 if you set the coin to $1. Not bad considering you'll only spend $9 per spin with that wager.

Give It a Try

Audio isn't much. It's the standard bells/chimes and clicks as the reels spin. That doesn't matter. What does is that with three pay lines and pretty impressive prizes, I found I was winning small amounts of cash regularly. In just 10 spins at the $1 coin value, I won nothing the seven spins, $10 the sixth, $50 on my eighth spin, and an impressive $202 on my ninth spin.

Spin the reels and see what happens for you. You might find yourself winning that 10,800x! Play 3 Hit Pay now.