3 Charms Crush Slots

You won't find an easier game to understand than 3 Charms Crush slots. You have four charms: green, yellow, and pink. As the game's name says, you want three or more charms on a line. Doing so gets you a prize.

Here Are the Prizes

You don't need to leave the screen to see the prizes. They're on the same screen as the reels. Payouts are as follows:

Three Green – 1x Four Green – 3x Five Green – 10x

Three Yellow – 2x Four Yellow – 5x Five Yellow – 15x

Three Pink – 5x Four Pink – 10x Five Pink – 25x Five Pink on the Fifth Line – 500x

The prizes may not seem impressive, but multipliers increase what you win. It all has to do with the line on which you have a win.

Things to Know About 3 Charms Crush

It's not hard to play and the squishy little charms are simply adorable. To get started, you'll load the game. The music is typical of video games and is pretty catchy. You only have five pay lines. Each one goes from left to right on the five by five grid.

Click continue after reading the basic game rules. You're taken to the screen where the paytable is on the right and the reels are on the left. You'll see the pay lines are numbered for your convenience. Those numbers are important. The top line is number one and comes with a 1x multiplier. The second line has a 2x multiplier. The third, fourth, and fifth pay lines have 3x, 4x, and 5x multipliers, respectively.

Place your bet next. You can risk a penny to $5 on the five lines. It's automatically set up so that you bet on all five lines. The highest possible bet is $5 ($1 times 5 lines). You can play for as little as 5 cents per spin though.

That's all there is to 3 Charms Crush slots. It's not a hard game to play. When you win, the multipliers can make it very profitable. Find it at leading casinos and give the reels a spin today.