Chain Reactors 100 Slots

Have you tried any of the other Reactors games from Cozy Games yet? If not, and you’re completely new to this series of games, you now have the chance to try your very first one. Chain Reactors 100 can be played in demo mode, which means you can see just what is in store for you.

With that said, we think you will love it, because this isn’t a slot that is anything like the ones you have played before. You will see a huge grid of aliens – yep, aliens – ready and waiting for you, so let’s get started!

What’s the situation with reels and lines?

You don’t have any of either! Yes, it’s true! Instead, you get a grid-style game that offers you a 10x10 array of adorable little aliens. Most of them are pulling faces or shaking their heads or doing other odd things.

Which coin values can you bet on the game?

There are bet values here to appeal to everyone, that’s for sure. You can start with just 25 cents per go, or you could wager as much as $1,000 on one go.

Does Chain Reactors 100 offer up any valuable symbols?

Each alien is worth a different amount depending on how many you get to trigger a prize. They all have names too, as you will see in the payout table on the bottom left. Spiky, Zoid and Brainy are just three of them.

The idea is to get at least six of the same alien appearing in a block. The identical aliens must be touching either horizontally or vertically to be counted as part of a win. When you do get a winning combination, every alien in that combination will disappear. The remaining aliens then drop down to fill those spaces, and they are replaced with other aliens from above. If you get another winning combination, you win again and the game goes on until you lose, at which point you try again.

Does this slot have a bonus round?

No, but you really won’t need one!

Download and play Chain Reactors 100 online today!

We loved it! These aliens are addictive, great fun and amusing to watch as they pull faces and do various other things to entertain you as you play. You simply have to try this game, at least in demo mode, to see how good it really is.