Electric Diva Slots

Whenever you see a new Microgaming slot released, you tend to want to find out more. So here we are with Electric Diva, which has a dark and foreboding feel about it. There are certainly a few scary creatures on the reels, not least a collection of bats!

So let’s see what else you might come across with this slot game.

What can you expect from the reels and paylines in the game?

You’ve got five reels in the game for starters, but there are more paylines than you might expect, with 40 in all in play.

How much can you bet on Electric Diva?

The smallest bet is a cent per payline, which amounts to 40 cents across every line in play. The biggest bet is $50, which works out to $1.25 per line.

Is there a collection of special symbols in use?

The Electric Diva logo is the wild symbol for the game. It replaces most other symbols, but it won’t replace the scatter, which is shown as two crossed guitars (hence the Electric Diva name, we guess). The wild changes to the word ‘wild’ if it forms part of a spin, as does the scatter.

There is a bonus symbol too, which appears as some kind of alien ship! We know, it’s an odd mix but this is a good game. The wild won’t replace this symbol either.

Can you expect to find a bonus feature?

The aforementioned bonus symbol has to appear three, four or five times in one spin in order to trigger the bonus feature. You get one, two or three spins respectively to start with, and these also have a 1x, 2x and 3x multiplier respectively. You can get more if you are lucky, which is worth looking for.

Download and play the Electric Diva slot today!

This is a nice game, very unusual in its theme, and yet it has some more traditional gameplay in store for you. The one thing you should be aware of is fact you could win up to 140,000 credits, which could amount to a lot of cash! This can potentially be done in the free spins round, because you can trigger more spins and nice multipliers as well. Give it a shot today to see if you could make the most of that round as you start to play.