Mermaid's Diamond Slots

There have been lots of mermaid slots over the years. Mermaid's Diamond slots breathes new life into the land of undersea slot games. The game's format is one of the many differences you'll encounter. Sure, there are five reels. However, the first and fifth reel have just three symbols. The second and fourth have four, while the center has five.

This may not seem that unique, but winning combinations form from left to right and right to left. This gives you a game where there are 720 ways to win!

Prizes Appeal to Everyone

Prizes in the bonus slot include a mix of gems, sea creatures, and more. Gems include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The amount you can win depends on your bet. On a $3 bet, you can win as much as $30 with the diamonds.

Sea creatures include stingrays, starfish, squid, and shells. You'll win as much as $2.25 on a $3 bet. As winning combinations form in both directions, it's easy to get multiple winning combinations in one spin.

Experience Multiple Bonus Features

In Mermaid's Diamond slots, there are a number of bonus features. Start with the Trident Wilds bonus. Without any warning at the end of your spin, you might find one or two wilds tossed onto the reels. Suddenly, your spin that looked like a dud is packed with winning combinations.

In Divine Intervention, a spin that leads to four instead of the necessary five treasure chests may become very lucky. You may find the fifth treasure chest randomly appearing and triggering your free spins bonus.

Five Treasure Chest Scatters Give You Free Spins

Get five treasure chests and you win free spins. Inside each treasure chest is a number of free spins. One of the chests could be hiding the maximum 25 free spins.

During free spins, you could find more scatter treasure chests appearing on the screen. When they do, you can win up to 5 more free spins. There is no limit on how many additional free spins can be won. Plus, you'll collect diamonds during the free spins. If you find five of them, one reel will expand into a large wild.

Check out this underwater slot where gems, treasure chests, and sea creatures help you win bundles of cash. Find Mermaid's Diamond slots at leading casinos today. Give the reels a spin and see how much you can gain.