Tinderbox Treasures Slots

A tinderbox is a box that holds tinder meant for lighting a fire. It might have flint, matches, and even kindling. The Tinderbox is also a Hans Christian Andersen tale about a soldier who steals a tinderbox from a witch. This tinderbox summons dogs that will do whatever the soldier asks. He uses the dogs to bring him everything he's ever wanted.

Prizes in the Base Game

Poker symbols pay the least. They include copper, silver, and gold 10, J, Q, K, and A. The 10 and J pay up to 15x. The Q and K pay up to 25x. The A is the most valuable of these lower tier symbols with a top prize of 50x.

The highest paying symbols are the king, the princess, the solider, and the soldier after the dogs find him great wealth. The king and princess pay up to 100x. The two versions of the soldier pay up to 250x.

The Value of the Three Dogs

In Tinderbox Treasures slots, those dogs are prominent characters. All are wilds. The copper dog fills one space and appears only on the main reels. When he helps form a winning pay line, you get a respin. On this respin, you may see the silver dog. He takes up two spaces. If he helps you win, you get a 2x multiplier and another respin. The gold dog fills three spaces and gives you a 3x multiplier if he helps form a winning combination.

Tinderbox Scatter and Its Value

The tinderbox is a scatter. When it appears on the second, third, and fourth reels at the same time, you win 10 free spins. In these free spins, you'll see a new symbol. The Free Games Wild multiplies any payouts by 3x or more depending on your Tinderbox Prizes win.

The tinderbox scatters also trigger the Tinderbox Prizes screen. This screen appears before your 10 free spins begin. From this screen, you pick the copper, silver, or gold door. You will win a multiplier of up to 5x, 5 more free games added to your 10 free spins, or stacked scatters.

During the free spins, you might collect more tinderboxes. When you do, you get a free dog spin. These free spins continue at the end of your free spins. With each of the dog spins, one of the three dogs appears on one of the reels to increase your chances of getting a winning combination.

Play Tinderbox Treasures slots. It's a fantastic game with a fairy tale theme. It's also one of the Hans Christian Andersen tales that you don't hear about as often, so it may be a new story for you to learn. Spin the reels today and see how much you can win.