Meet Farmer Bob for a Shot at Some Slot Prizes!

You may not think farming is a particularly thrilling topic to use in online slot games. However, Xplosive has used this very theme to create Farmer Bob, a bright and fun slot that looks set to entertain a lot of people.

You can expect primary colors in use here, along with a variety of symbols of things you may well find on the average farm. Farmer Bob will appear too, of course, and if he does, he may help you on your way to more prizes.

What variety of reels and paylines is in action here?

The indicator to the side of the screen reveals you have 10 lines to bet on. It takes a mere moment to spot five reels in action too.

What could you bet on Farmer Bob slots?

Many games from this provider have bets of between a cent and a dollar per line, and Farmer Bob fits into this area as well.

Can you expect some dynamic game symbols?

Yes, the ladybird is the scatter symbol and is very easy to spot as she is sitting on green leaves and is in a circular symbol. There doesn’t appear to be a wild symbol in action though, which is highly unusual in a game of this nature.

Could you win extra prizes during a bonus round?

Sadly, no, we could find no bonus round here. There doesn’t appear to be a shot of getting any free spins either.

However, it is worth mentioning one unusual feature of this farming-related slot game. The pay table states that all the lines can provide payouts even if the first symbol does not appear on the first reel. Normally in a slot game, you have to line up a winning combination from the left to the right across the screen. If you get four matching symbols on a line but the first symbol is on line two, it wouldn’t trigger a payout in most other games. That doesn’t appear to be the case here though, and it could be why no wild is included.

Be sure to download and play a game of Farmer Bob slots right now!

Farmer Bob is a pretty straightforward game to play, but as you can see from the above information, there are some tweaks that make it more unusual than you might imagine. Check it out now to see if you like it.